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Good afternoon all my joyful Co-Creators.

I’m writing this per my son’s request. You see,… we had this deep discussion about blocks and my wisdom hit home with him. He asked me if I blogged about this topic and shared this with others on Co-Creators. I told him that I hadn’t. He said that I most definitely had to blog this for others to hear and that what I was saying was profound.


This from my son….lol…I suppose I made an impression  on him.

So here goes.


I read here often about blockages. Many have asked how to clear them or get past them. I shared with my son how I see it and how I proceed with such matters.


First I would like to make a list of things that I would like you all to take note of or at least question yourself about.


Where does the blockage come from?

  • Blockages come from a life experience that has affected you in a deep way. So much so that you carried it with you for a long time.
  • Blockages can be something from the past or from the present (from childhood or adulthood).
  • Blockages can be unconscious or conscious.
  • Blockages can be deeply rooted or simply on the surface for all to examine.
  • Blockages can come from programming (family heritages/teachings etc)
  • Blockages can come from trauma of some sort.
  • Blockages can come for a number of venues, these are just some to consider.


Ok so now we have cover where they come from and now we have to consider how they affect us.


How do blockages affect us?


  • Blockages separate us from connecting to Source, from manifesting, from love and joy.
  • Blockages have a strong hold on us.
  • Blockages take our power away, making us weak.
  • Blockages can be the mega power of clutter in our lives that hold us back.
  • Blockages stand up and take notice and rule our lives if we allow them. When we don’t allow them to rule us, we are still in bondage by them, because they rear their ugly heads at times and knock us down again and again. Leaving us to wonder how we let this happen.
  • There are a number of affects that blockages have on us, this is just some to consider.

Ok so now the colossal question is, how do we clear blockages for good so that they never return? How do we set ourselves free?


How do I clear blockages in my life so that I can live a free life?  Free to manifest and create in the most profound (blow me out of the water) way.

  • First you must forgive. So how do we fully forgive? We take the word give out of forgive. Let me explain. Say you were bullied as a child in school by someone. That bully was a thief, taking power from you. You see, you were unconscious at the time and the thief came and took for example your dignity or your self confidence. You carried this for a long time. You also carried dislike in your heart for that person who did this. You now must give to that person that which he/she has taken from you. You now can give to that person as a charitable gift that which they have taken while acting as a thief. You see, now that person is no longer a thief. He/she is now a receiver of your love/gift. You have transformed yourself to be a giver in the situation and transformed the thief as a receiver of a gift. You will make a profound affect on the person releasing them from the wrong they have done you. By doing this you are improving the lives of others, one person at a time. You have dissolved the hate. If the story still comes up in our mind, you have not fully forgiven them. You are holding it over their heads and reminding the Universe of the wrong they have done. 
  • There is also the deep meaning attached to “living in the past or old beliefs”. Old beliefs can keeps you in bondage of blockages. If generations of family members did something a certain way and passed this on to you, you are in bondage of that old belief. You can forgive them for instilling the lie in your unconscious. Give the lie back. The lie was the truth to them and if it worked for them great. If it didn’t it was their now, not your now. This releases them and allows you to entertain the best “now” scenario for you.  


I hope this makes sense. If you have any questions I would be glad to address them.

I have stories of my own regarding blockages and examples of my own situations.

Example: I lent someone a large amount of money. I harbored ill feelings when that person didn’t pay it back. Years pasted. By not paying the money back, I pictured them as a thief. When I decided to gift the money to them (in my heart) it released the fact that I was a victim and merely a giver and released that idea that they were a thief. Now that they are not a thief in my eyes they have taken nothing from me. I have set us both free.


Love and peace, Jilly

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Hello Jilly,


Wow, I really liked reading what you had to say about blockages. Thank you for putting this into words, because I have had a hard time with blockages and have been feeling a bit down from being blocked. I hope that made sense. LOL 


I will be putting this into practice! Thank you!

Sending love and positive thoughts your way! =) Sarah

Hi Sarah, I was wondering how you are doing?

Blessings J

Hi Jason,

I loved that you read this information and really GOT IT !

Here is another thing that you can add to the equation.

You see, you turned that debt into a gift or charity or what ever you would like to call it. Now that makes you a giver who will be rewarded 100 fold. AS they what goes around comes around...that is the Karma that is you now. You are no longer a COLLECTOR or CREDITOR   lol...ewe !  The Karma that is you now is a gift giver.  You are now someone that is in the collective of the Universe that aligns with others that are manifesting. You also make the person that took that money from you a "receiver of a gift" and not a person that is in debt. That is the greatest gift of all...clearing someone elses debt. WOW !


AWE! Yes you gave those people a sweet is that. And remember the gift that you gave might have seems small to you because you were able to give it....but to someone that is without...and then receives...sees the gift as huge.

Blessings, Jilly

Thank you for this Jilly. This has truly helped me, and allowed me to gift back by letting go in my heart and flying free.

thank you so much for explaining this.


Sending you loads of light,


Dear Najaam Lee,  I am so glad that there was a message in this blog for you.

This information has also brought about a new way of giving for me. When any one asks me for something (loan).....I now realize that if I am not willing to truly let it go as a gift without expecting a payback....I decline from entertaining the invitation to give.

When someone asks me for a loan I never entertain it. I GIFT the request instead. Loans only place a debt on other....I will never be a debt collector ever again.

Thank you for your comment Najaame Lee.

Blessings, Jilly

Hey Jilly, love this thread!!


These Blockages can also be called Limiting Beliefs. From Birth to about the age of 5 or 6yrs our little minds are like sponges and we soak up everything we see, hear and feel. This period in a childs life are crucial to who they grow up to be and what beliefs they will hold in life. Also, major events in our lifes have a big impact on our belief systems and can trangress into our behaviour.


Our belief systems are built up over those early years, therefore, when we encounter negative reactions to things, we adjust to them either negatively or positively. Our beliefs can dictate how we view the world around us, the way we interact with people and the way we live our lives. Things that happen in our past rule our lives to some extent. Some of these beliefs are needed and wholey valid. Some we know intelectualy are impossible yet we cant seem to shake them.

Our fears are based on our beliefs. I have had a fear of dogs for many years and have "attracted" many a situation where I have been confronted by our little 4 legged friends and come out rather worse for wear. Only now am i able to not see all dogs as frightening and have therefore attracted some lovely doggies durring walks or whiel at the park with my children.

Our beliefs are fed over the years by our own experiences and our perceptions. If one is told enough times that they are stupid, they will tend to feel that way throughout their lives, so when they experience a situation that they dont feel smart in, it adds more fuel to their belief. This can lead to dead end jobs and a feeling of low self worth.

The victim mentality is the same, if you are treated as a victim, you retain that belief throughout your life. Everything becomes unfair and cruel.

The light at the end of the tunnel is that there are ways and means of overcoming these blockages. The first step is to recognise them. That takes alot of reflection on your past. You look back and ask yourself why did you feel that way in a situation, or why dont you get on with a certain person. When you pinpoint what it is that seems to upset you, you look back and try to find where that belief came from. Was it your parents, your peers or your teachers. Did bullies you encountered have a certain look about them that you may have focused on therefore giving you the belief that people look a certain way are to be avoided.

wow, that was a long post, lol. This is something I have worked on previously in one of my own Living Your Balance blogs and wrote articles on because it was something I needed to address to be able to move forward.

Ive learnt to question my reasons for doing, or not doing something and behind that I have been able to address the beliefs that have been holding me back for my entire life. Its an ongoing process, however, one that enthralls me to no end each time I encounter one.

The past is crucial to us when we need to find the blockage, however, we also need to have the right tools to let it go.


Thanks for letting me share, i look forward to reading more.




Yes Aeroney, Beliefs that cause a block are crippling. You are correct, some belief leave us as a victim. The money lending self setting oneself up for victimhood. We set the stage when we expect to be a debtor until the money is paid back.

RE: The fear of Dog thing you mentioned.

You have that fear because you yourself made yourself the victim. When we think of ways to realize that we are not the victim is when we are released from the fear. When attacked by a dog for example,the experience teaches us and  we are taught to believe that every time we encounter a dog we will become a victim again and again of a dog attack. This is not really true. Realizing that the truth is different is when the block goes away. As you are realizing gradually  through experience with future encounters with dogs. You see every time you meet up with a dog in the park or on the street and the dog does NOT attack...a new belief is being formed. You are realizing that most dogs are very friendly and offer love and companionship to their owners and the public. You become someone that releases the debt to all dogs out there in the world. The original dog attack took something from you. Only you can know what it took. When you realize it and hold no debt to it, the block goes with it and you are no longer a victim.

So glad you stopped by the discussion and I am so grateful to see you again.

Love xoxo J

going to meditate on this tonight ... thank you for sharing this with us and your son ;)



Thank you for this post.  I belive it was part of the mix that resulted in one of my successes on day 2 of my first season - yesterday.  I have more info on my blog. 




Hi BC, I read your day 2 blog. Can you be more specific. Your example might be just what helps someone else.

Blessings, J

More specifically, from the time I was 8 years old until I was 15, I rode the bus with a boy who could be very hurtful and mean.  He picked on me all the time - most of what I remember had to do with my appearance.  But as we got older, his statements got meaner.  Once when my long time best friend got hit by a car, he and I were in the same classroom when we got the news. He responded to the news by saying, "Good.  Maybe she'll die."  (She is still alive and well, by the way.)

Over the years I held on to my anger towards him.  It just kinda festered inside me.  I even wrote some revenge stories in college inspired by the dynamic between us. 

I knew I wanted to forgive him, but I felt so justified in my anger.  As I got older, though, I learned more about the psychology of bullying and also was exposing myself to more information about how the thoughts we send people not only reach them, but work karmically in our direction, too. 

I ran into him through mutual friends on myspace a few years back and I saw that he had served our country in the army.  I was so proud of myself when I reached out with the friend request.  I thanked him for his service and he accepted.  But I am realizing that sense of pride was a bit selfish. 

I was still viewing myself as the bigger person, and him as lesser than me in some way.

Last year I found him on Facebook, and again, I invited him to be my "friend", and again, he accepted. 

By watching his status updates on Facebook, and seeing his concern for his family, for his community (he's a volunteer) and other such things, I have been able to flesh him out mentally and see him acting in admirable ways.  That has been great - the mental file drawer with his name is not only filled with hurts anymore. 

Day 2 of my challenge, I came across Jilly's post about forgiveness, and how if you rewrite in your mind that you "give" that person what you previously believed they took from you, then you empower yourself and thereby open yourself to healing and forgiveness...   (paraphrasing, of course)

I was reading that post, got distracted and ended up on Facebook, and ended up having an exchange with this man in which I kinda laughed about what happened, and he responded with an apology and admitted to having been working from a place of hurt within himself. 

I was able to genuinely respond by sharing that I have not only forgiven him, but that I now find his lifestyle to be admirable. 

When I closed that window that night, Jilly's post was still up in the window behind it.  I had a pause and hold my breath moment.  lol

It is one thing to think you forgive someone.  It is so powerful to be able to tell them that - and not in a way that is filled with the sense of being better than them for granting them forgiveness.  Though that may be a necessary step for some on the way to the true peaceful resolution.  Build yourself up, but humble yourself accordingly.

I have heard before that sometimes the people who hurt us the worst may be soul-mates of ours in some way.  The idea being that you agreed together before coming into this life that they would be the ones to help you learn how to forgive, or some other important lesson.

He and I continue to share comments over these last few days.  Some of them are deeper than I ever thought I'd share with this person.

I truly hope that this is as healing to him as it has been to me.  And I hope that it may help someone else, that would be wonderful.

FWIW, I got triple what I was asking for in a manifestation that happened over the next few days.  Definitely broke through some blocks right there.


Some one asked me about this so I am commenting on it to push it to the top so they can find it easily.

Enjoy, Jill


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