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Good afternoon all my joyful Co-Creators.

I’m writing this per my son’s request. You see,… we had this deep discussion about blocks and my wisdom hit home with him. He asked me if I blogged about this topic and shared this with others on Co-Creators. I told him that I hadn’t. He said that I most definitely had to blog this for others to hear and that what I was saying was profound.


This from my son….lol…I suppose I made an impression  on him.

So here goes.


I read here often about blockages. Many have asked how to clear them or get past them. I shared with my son how I see it and how I proceed with such matters.


First I would like to make a list of things that I would like you all to take note of or at least question yourself about.


Where does the blockage come from?

  • Blockages come from a life experience that has affected you in a deep way. So much so that you carried it with you for a long time.
  • Blockages can be something from the past or from the present (from childhood or adulthood).
  • Blockages can be unconscious or conscious.
  • Blockages can be deeply rooted or simply on the surface for all to examine.
  • Blockages can come from programming (family heritages/teachings etc)
  • Blockages can come from trauma of some sort.
  • Blockages can come for a number of venues, these are just some to consider.


Ok so now we have cover where they come from and now we have to consider how they affect us.


How do blockages affect us?


  • Blockages separate us from connecting to Source, from manifesting, from love and joy.
  • Blockages have a strong hold on us.
  • Blockages take our power away, making us weak.
  • Blockages can be the mega power of clutter in our lives that hold us back.
  • Blockages stand up and take notice and rule our lives if we allow them. When we don’t allow them to rule us, we are still in bondage by them, because they rear their ugly heads at times and knock us down again and again. Leaving us to wonder how we let this happen.
  • There are a number of affects that blockages have on us, this is just some to consider.

Ok so now the colossal question is, how do we clear blockages for good so that they never return? How do we set ourselves free?


How do I clear blockages in my life so that I can live a free life?  Free to manifest and create in the most profound (blow me out of the water) way.

  • First you must forgive. So how do we fully forgive? We take the word give out of forgive. Let me explain. Say you were bullied as a child in school by someone. That bully was a thief, taking power from you. You see, you were unconscious at the time and the thief came and took for example your dignity or your self confidence. You carried this for a long time. You also carried dislike in your heart for that person who did this. You now must give to that person that which he/she has taken from you. You now can give to that person as a charitable gift that which they have taken while acting as a thief. You see, now that person is no longer a thief. He/she is now a receiver of your love/gift. You have transformed yourself to be a giver in the situation and transformed the thief as a receiver of a gift. You will make a profound affect on the person releasing them from the wrong they have done you. By doing this you are improving the lives of others, one person at a time. You have dissolved the hate. If the story still comes up in our mind, you have not fully forgiven them. You are holding it over their heads and reminding the Universe of the wrong they have done. 
  • There is also the deep meaning attached to “living in the past or old beliefs”. Old beliefs can keeps you in bondage of blockages. If generations of family members did something a certain way and passed this on to you, you are in bondage of that old belief. You can forgive them for instilling the lie in your unconscious. Give the lie back. The lie was the truth to them and if it worked for them great. If it didn’t it was their now, not your now. This releases them and allows you to entertain the best “now” scenario for you.  


I hope this makes sense. If you have any questions I would be glad to address them.

I have stories of my own regarding blockages and examples of my own situations.

Example: I lent someone a large amount of money. I harbored ill feelings when that person didn’t pay it back. Years pasted. By not paying the money back, I pictured them as a thief. When I decided to gift the money to them (in my heart) it released the fact that I was a victim and merely a giver and released that idea that they were a thief. Now that they are not a thief in my eyes they have taken nothing from me. I have set us both free.


Love and peace, Jilly

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This is so awesome.  And lucid.  Very clearly stated.


Hi Becky, I am glad you liked it.

Welcome again to CCOR.

Love and Light, Jill


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