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Hi there,

I am hoping many of you can help me out with this.  Things are going really well in my life right now.  I am manifesting awesome things in personal relationships, work/career, achieving/manifesting my dreams, and I find that for some reason I am anxious and want to binge eat over this, and not take care of myself, like I somehow don't deserve this or am consciously/unconsciously trying to ruin it all for me.

I really don't want to do that again... has been a past pattern I haven't yet got figured out so if anyone has any input/advice, I GREATLY appreciate it!

Thanks so much to everyone just for being on here and all the love and support I get!


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Thank you soooooo very much for this.  I had never really even thought about things in this way before, but it soooo matches the pattern in my life and explains why I could have a great life in one area, but not another, because in the past it had just been too overwhelming for me.  I also realize, I had been focusing on manifesting just individual things whereas, now I am going to concentrate on a whole lifestyle which will also include being able to accept everything and knowing the universe will take care of it all for me.

How very scary and exciting!

Thanks so much for helping me out.  Words cannot express my gratitude!

Sending vibrational alignment thoughts your way!



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