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what are your thoughts? I want to send him to camp for a week this summer because now he is old enough that I think he will have a blast. the only camps around where we live have some element of christianity. seriously... everything within a 200 mile radius, and I am not willing to drive more than that :) of course it isn't all christian bible study, and most of them have only 'god-time' an hour in the morning or once a day. two years ago I was absolutely adamant that he would not go to one. I don't mean to offend any christians reading this, as I used to be one many years ago. very much so! but I am not sure if I am comortable with it


my son is 11, he has come home already some months ago with a small red bible saying that he was a christian :) which doesn't bother me, I mean we need to be exposed to it all, right? (but this happened mostly because his crush the last 2 years comes from a christian family and she said she couldn't date a non-christian!) so he has read some of the bible and knows the jist of the teachings. I'm not really sure where my resistance is coming from here. am I trying to control his beliefs by NOT sending him? I just want him to experience the fun and awesomeness of summer camp!


any advice? thanks!   

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Hi Brandy..first how sweet about your son's crush on that girl:).Is she going to the camp by any chance?:D.I don't have any advice here but when I was about his age we moved and I went to a sweet little village christian school,when we were told to pray and if I did'nt want to I just did'nt and no-one knew because they all had there eye's shut and head's bowed!:)I used to think if I want to pray I will say my own prayer's thankyou!.I am not making light of your dilemma as as parent's we want to do what's best but if you say No to him are you going to tell him why?.If you do, this may push him more toward's that path.As children some go through that bible phase and then as adult's they change there mind's as you and Andy have or they don't whatever.Does he really want to go for the christian side or just because he really think's it will be a blast?.Three year's in a christian school never turned me into that way of thinking.But he is expressing an interest.
hi km :)

actually, he doesn't really want to go, but it's more the kind like he thinks it will be lame. but I want him to go to camp because I think he will have such a fun time! I know he will. and it's better than him spending day after day at home. if he really wanted to go, I would not deny him that. and he hasn't mentioned jesus or the bible for a very long time, I think it was just a passing fancy. you're right... I don't think it will turn him toward any type of particular thinking (at least not seriously or for an extended period of time). and I am not even bothered by the praying aspect. what I am bothered by are the teachings of hell, sin, brimstone, jesus savior, guilt, manipulation, judgemnt, punishment, don't do this, etc. you know what I am talking about! but we have talked about this before and I know he doesn't believe in that stuff. I guess I could talk with him again about it beforehand

and omg!! I don't eat meat either! you might have already known that. with the exception of chicken and fish (which he has only smtms at his dads or in a resaurant), I do not allow him to eat it either. never have. the only reason I gave some leeway there is because of his dad. but now that he is older he doesn't even want it. I am of the same mindset. it's just me and him at home and there is no way meat is coming in my house! so if he wants a burger as a teenager he will have to buy it himself (and my bf never eats it at my place). I don't know about rights, I think it is just a different experience. our kids chose it. so have another carrot!! hahah, lol that's funny :)
I know you are feeling uncomfortable with the idea. Have you explored other opportunities. I dont know what his interests are. But I know that several of the youth in this area go to the Y as in the YMCA. They dont shove stuff down your throat (both meat or Christianity)
There is also a NATURE CAMP, and several SPORT CAMPS, just stuff for fun. Is there anything like that in your area. I know you have Nature Canada and they might have programs for kids that you can check out. My friend home schools her son and he goes to Tai Kwon Do or Tai Chi, or some such thing. Is he interested in any of that stuff? My son when he was that age was interesed in Theater and being on stage. There are infinite possibilities...hmmm...where have I heard that
I don't eat meat and I have decided that unless my daughter eventually ask's I won't feed her it.If she does ask do I have any right to say No?.I have already decided that of course I don't.Even though I feel there is nothing healthy or any benefit's to eating meat I have no right to push that on her or anyone! also by saying no she will probably want it more!:)
Anyway lovely Brandy Ryan I am sure an answer will come to you soon!



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