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I have been reading much about SILENCE.

I have also been reading much about Hearing GOD/Universe/Source of all that is.

Seems....GOD is likened to hearing SILENCE. There is no words that can describe GOD/Source of all that is/ it would seem that when you hear are hearing GOD.

Seems that is the closest you will get to hearing the CREATOR. That SILENCE within you is the closest.

The question is...Is it possible to hear total SILENCE? If you get that deep, will you hear your own organs...your heart for example? That deep that you would be absence of thought. You don't use your hearing to hear your thoughts, but you do hear them. In that absence you would lack the intellect to know if you were hearing or recently read "NOW THATS DEEP".


In meditation ....seeking that deep Silence is a goal.

Some say that when drifting off to a deep sleep, and not dreaming, we are in that Silence we are talking of.

So would information reveal that when in that deep sleep/dreamless state we are in GOD's/Universe's/Creator's presence?


I'm just throwing stuff out there to ponder. I would love to hear about your SILENCE analogy.

IF we are co-creators...does that mean that we are also SILENCE? Is who we are (our Soul) actually SILENCE?


Blessings to you all, my lovely Co-Creators. Jilly

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Analogy to Silence?

Interestingly I am currently studying the Tarot and its archetypes, and right now I am in The Fool, which is Card 0. And philosophically speaking the 0 is a "now...that is deep!" (And I am a total right brained person... Never could handle math... but 0... is another story!)


And even more interesting I find that zero is the mathematics equivalent to silence.

Zero is valued as nothing. As silence is valued as the absence of noise.

The have no opposites, or degrees, the are both reference points.

They have no opposites, they are not negative or positive, odd or even, much or less.

Zero is the potential of numbers as silence is the potential of the mind.

They are both content, while noise and numbers are form.

They are Omnipresent. And yet none of them exist alone.

Zero to numbers.  Black to colors. Silence to noise.

They shape, they are indispensable… And yet, they are just an absence.

Zero is a lonely concept, lonelier than one. It requires some sort of companionship to give meaning to its life.

Silence is a lonely concept, lonelier than any noise. It requires some sort of noise to give meaning to its life.

(What do we look for when we meditate?... They say prayer is talking to God, and meditation is listening to It)

They are actually both concepts. Not practical realities.

There is no value attached to any of them. As much as you don’t have a value to zero in any additions or subtractions. There is no value in silence to music… for instance. As valuable as both are for music and/or calculating.


(If we take a long look at both of them, we can find GOD... as beautiful and funny as It ussually is... Blinking an eye and giving us a thrilled smile!)

And we can go on and on and on…

Here are a couple of thoughts that I had when I read your comment.

RE: Zero being lonely, more lonely than one.

Maybe...just maybe Zero being equal to silence is like hear all at once and its not noise. Its a sound that is so profound that our brains can't imagine the beauty. For example when we say, listen to the the quietness of silence. Isn't it peaceful.

One more thing to ponder is the no opposite of zero issue. If there is not opposite of zero, this would mean that zero has no reflection, effect, karmic debt. It would mean that Silence has no reflection, effect, karmic debt and not lesson to learn or experience. Hmmm...let me ponder this some more.

Zero is the starting point of all ideas. Silence is the starting point of all ideas.
Both are the void from which all sprouts forth and all eventually returns.

Both are beginning and end, they are God and nothingness it is The great mystery.

Zero and Silence are the focal point for all reality, they are the center of the event horizon, the essence of all being, the underlying fabric upon which reality is spread across to give consciousness a purpose.

They both represent the beginning and the end of a reality we cannot imagine.

For us, Conscious Co Creators, Silence is to Creation, what zero is to Mathematics.

It is our raw material, the substance from where all thoughts depart and the place where all thoughts end.


A variation of a post in





I'm not sure what I know of silence pertains to what you two know of it. I am sure there is much more to it than what i know also but as it pertains to my ability to manifest thisis what I have come to believe. By having a belief in my ability to manifest anything, I have to BELIEVE I first have whatever it is in consciousness BEFORE It appears in the "world"..... now the ONLY thing that can prevent me from believing this is DOUBT. That is the ONLY thing that can prevent me from believing, PERIOD.


Now if I am to believe I have whatever I have in consciousness one way to do this is to KEEP IT TO MYSELF.... and i do this.


The reason for this? To be honest I would have to write quite bit just to give my understanding on it so I will leave it at this is my belief (which is really what is creating my reality and not anyone elses) and that is why I choose to believe it.


By telling others what are plans are…. For example… I am planning on manifesting an airplane… everytime I see this person they will want to know…. Do you have it…. Did you manifest it yet? Of course I must be persistent in my believing it is already mine…. And in due season it WILL BE… but as it depeneds on my belief and nothing else I MUST REMAIN SILENT ….


THAT is WHAT I understand about silence…. The other stuff…. I haven’t gotten to that point yet.

Excellent point. "I must remain silent". Yes I believe this also. When we broadcast our intent...we are inviting the without to bring doubt into the equation. Interesting...hmmm...More to think about.

I've heard that people liken it to the moment between breathing in and exhaling.

Good evening Rose,

I think that the silence that refers to Source is the silence that we hear when we turn off the chatter in our heads...if you follow my drift.

Love and Light, Jilly

Beautiful Ariadne...I am glad you found this post.

Love and Light , Jilly

when I silence my mind (all the racing thoughts)...even in the midst of noise (chaos)...there is GOD...always waiting for me with answers . i see clearly when i'm silent !!!  & when all is quiet at night...i meditate...& many times i fall's so peaceful...&  sometimes if i have issues that i ask for clarity during meditation...he speaks to me through my dreams. i usually wake up the next day so relieved.  Thank You Jilly for this discussion   

wowsers.... very impressive! Jilly, Silence to me is when you can feel yourself as everything... the little molecules and atoms that float around in around the spaces like the gap between the inhale and exhale. I believe we are so intrigued by the silence because the noise and the chatter is all too common and the silence is something only a rare few can attain through vigorous practice. Then again, it shouldn't have to be so difficult to attain, it should be effortless and come with ease. This I believe can only be done with absolute certainty and daily practice of knowing oneself. Thank you for leading me to this link, it's amazing how many souls are so hungry to know the truth!!!

I'm glad you found it.

Peace, J

Off to do the friendship click...Love and Light


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