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I have been reading much about SILENCE.

I have also been reading much about Hearing GOD/Universe/Source of all that is.

Seems....GOD is likened to hearing SILENCE. There is no words that can describe GOD/Source of all that is/ it would seem that when you hear are hearing GOD.

Seems that is the closest you will get to hearing the CREATOR. That SILENCE within you is the closest.

The question is...Is it possible to hear total SILENCE? If you get that deep, will you hear your own organs...your heart for example? That deep that you would be absence of thought. You don't use your hearing to hear your thoughts, but you do hear them. In that absence you would lack the intellect to know if you were hearing or recently read "NOW THATS DEEP".


In meditation ....seeking that deep Silence is a goal.

Some say that when drifting off to a deep sleep, and not dreaming, we are in that Silence we are talking of.

So would information reveal that when in that deep sleep/dreamless state we are in GOD's/Universe's/Creator's presence?


I'm just throwing stuff out there to ponder. I would love to hear about your SILENCE analogy.

IF we are co-creators...does that mean that we are also SILENCE? Is who we are (our Soul) actually SILENCE?


Blessings to you all, my lovely Co-Creators. Jilly

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Oh heavens, I am so glad I re-read this post. Your post got me to thinking about what you said.

"Silence to me is when you can feel yourself as everything" Just fabulous Mona.

:) J

Hi Jilly, here is what I think about Silence (im not so good with english btw):

After years of meditation I got that we have 3 important selfs: soul, ego and spirit, and they are 3 different things

Our soul is like the parte of ourselves that is typing here, and reading this text... Is the part of us that experience the world, feel, think, is where our thoughts come in... Its like a POSITIVE self of us... That vibrates, is happy, bring light, etc... And have our personality, is everytime learning, developing, and becoming a lighter soul

Our Spirity is like our REAL self, the eternal, infinity, GOD, inside of us... It does not change, it have infinite wisdom because it IS infinite... Everytime we die and reencarnate the spirit is the same... he is the NEUTRAL self of us.

When you talk about silence, you are talking about spirit... The soul need to be in touch with our spirit, because our spirit is in touch with GOD, the major part of the fraktal that is this universe... Somehow our spirit know what to do in EVERY situation, he know the wisdom and he know our goal in this life... Our Soul dont. The spirit created our Soul so we can experience reality, why? Because the spirit cant experience the variations of Positive energy, and Negative energy... Spirit is the eternal silence... Space... Neutral energy. If you enter deep in your spirit, the space, you became in a eternal peace, the spirit then cant feel angry, sadness or happy... He can only be in a eternal peace state, wisdom state, the energy variations exist only in the SOUL.

When the SOUL is disconnected with the spirit and lost himself in the world, in culture, dogmas, belief systems... Then the Soul start to create another Self, that is the opposite of who you realy are (pure soul, and spirit)... THE EGO.

The Ego came as a guardian to protect your body, your soul and himself, a mental mechanism... Crazy mechanism, totaly out of control... Is the consequence of our Soul become lost... So. I would put in this way:

POSITIVE / Light - Soul

NEUTRAL / Balance - Spirit

NEGATIVE / Darkness - EGO

So, what about Silence? Well... Silence is where you can find your Spirit... Your TRUE self. In spirituality people that are in their egos can feel the Soul, and the light that is there, then they think that if you just go direct to your soul, you are fine! Thats not the case... The Soul alone can produce love, happyness, etc.. But you will always be in your mind, and always feel disconnected... Incomplete. Why? Because you are not being yourself, you need Spirit to do that.

Neutral energy > Positive energy

Thats why Eckhart Tolle teach us to go to silence... to space. He is directing you to go to your true self, your spirit... Beyond emotions, beyond thoughts, beyond happyness and suffering. When you stay in your spirit you became another being.. Nothing cam harm you anymore, you know exactly what to do in ways that your mind cannot understand... The Spirit is located in the HEART, the EGO in the brain.. I dont know exactly where is the Soul, maybe its moving constantly... But you can hear your Spirit talking to you, calling you back home... If you meditate and go direct to silence then you can find your god self, and he can guide you (your sould) and teach you about how to conduct yourlife in the way that YOU want/need to do.

Remember, in a Soul/ego disconnect point of view, our Spirit looks like another person inside of us, and the ego saw that as a treat. But you can actualy put the spirit in first person, and realize that he IS you, actualy the ego is not you... All desires from the ego come from FEAR, look your desires and you will realize that. But the desires that come from the silence space, the heart, the spirit... Are always from love and wisdom. Thats why is so hard from our mind to accept our spirit, because our spirit have no fear at all because he KNOW that everything is going to be ok with we do what we REALY want to do, what is our destiny... Somehow he know that everything is just be fine.

Ok sorry about the english mistakes, but here is my point then: Dont go for positive, vibrational energy if you want to discover the END GAME, go for silence, go for space, go for neutral... When you go for light you avoid darkness, and vice versa... The spirit dont, he know that we need both to grow up... So, instead of searching for light and light and light, search for balance, silence... So you can embrace all energies at once and BE yourself.

So, when you chose what to create on your reality... Dont look for your desires, in the mind, just listen to your heart, to your spirit... and let HIM create your relaity, because he is the higher self inside of you, he is YOU, pure without no outside interference. Go to silence, listen to your heart, and ask "what I realy wanna do?" and listen to him, to you, without the mind... Not what you THINK is the best for you, but what you KNOW and FEEl is the best for you... Then, use your soul and mind to make it happen.

Best book to know how to go to a silence and space state, is in my opinion The Power of Now.

Well, thats it, I dont know everything but those are the things that I experienced and discovered in my meditations... Btw, when you create from your spirit, magic start happening in your life, is amazing...


Hi Pablo, I enjoyed reading this. I don't agree with it fully.

You said:  When you talk about silence, you are talking about spirit.

You said: "Because the spirit cant experience the variations of Positive energy, and Negative energy"

You are forgetting that the Source/God/Universe has no limits. When you say the spirit can't experience,...You are setting limits on the Spirit/GOD/Universe

I don't believe that the Soul and Spirit are TWO individual entities. You see the spirit represents formlessness, a freedom of sorts. The ego is represented by form in the physical. The Soul is a part of GOD/Source/Universe who navigates as spirit energy and the ego is a part of physical that navigates as formed matter energy. Our physical being is Formed matter energy in this 3rd dimension arena. The ego can only exist in this dimension. The Soul is free to exist anywhere with out limits as it is a part of the fractal you talk about, that fractal of what we call the Creator/God/Source/Universe.

When you talk about meditation...when we meditate we leave the physical that is governed by the ego and me move into a silence allowing us to experience another dimension  where we connect with our Soul...a place of peace and all that is represented by peace...such as joy,love, light etc.

The reason Eckhart Tolle tells us to go to the silent because  it frees us from the EGO. It aligns us with the Source/God...our soul. It allows us to listening to our Soul, where we realize and align with our purpose.

The third dimension is a place of heavy dense matter governed by the ego. The ego likes to tell stories without  the light/knowledge of the Source. When we listen to the leads us down a path of unknowing and darkness. This is what we are waking up to now. We are waking up to the LIGHT...the knowledge of who we are. I am the I AM.

I am not JILL the physical governed by the ego...I am part of the I AM governed by the source/GOD.

It is not the spirit talking to is your SOUL in the form of Spirit talking to you.

Regarding Light as you put it...don"t go for Light. It is the Light that the physical needs to wander to that place of Silence. You see Light is knowledge. You might even say that it is one in the say almost. Light is what leads you on the path of Silence. With out the light you are lost. You will never find the path to SILENCE with out having the knowledge/Light to lead the way. You are confusing the Light with Silence. Light is a physical energy that we see everyday...but the light I am talking of is Knowledge. We are waking up from the darkness lead by the ego guide...and the realizing the light/knowledge that leads us to the Silence lead by the Soul guide.

I am learning as most of us allow our Soul to govern...bring about the reality.

When you create from your SOUL the magic happens. Yes it is amazing.

Pablo, I enjoyed this conversation and differences in opinions.

You did very well with your English BTW.

BTW...Tolles book was very good...I also read it. I recommend his book "A New Earth" as well.

Light/Knowledge, Jilly



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