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How to visualise your soulmate without ending up imagining a particular person e.g. Tom Cruise

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Any reply :)

Hi Princess !

                          About  my own opinion , I dont think that It's a completely bad Idea in itself about imagining a particular person cause your soulmate could look similar or maybe some kinda  ( look-alike )

But , dont think about Tom in your vision but quite about your real soulmate ! XD

                  About my own experience , I think that details are very important cause in the past I attracted two times a bad stepmother !   lol !    So , now I visualize every aspect with a lots of details about what I want and even the relatives of this person !  I also wrote a text about all  the quality and personality of my soulmate and I read it every morning !   I will read it at least 100 days cause I'm sure that is enough to make a program in my subconscious !

So , I think that as long as you feel the joy about being with your soulmate ... he will be like you wanted !

I think that ( emotions and feelings ) are more important than image or vision when you use the LOA !

                                 I hope that this will help !    Have a peaceful day !    :-D

P.S: Have fun with your soulmate  !  cause the time doesn't exist in the invisible world so... your are already with him !


Thanks you soo much

How do we get started how does the process begins?



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