The 100 Day Reality Challenge

sorry everyone for the spamming issue in this discussion. I have contacted Ning to get them all removed and and fix this issue.

Additionally visitors will now have to register and be approved as a member by the CCOR team before being part of the network!

Shall we even have the videos and pictures, blogs for member only? a little extreme, no?

Let me know your thoughts


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That's a really great idea, Jennifer. I haven't made any videos yet, but I would imagine that some people might feel hesitant about sharing some of those. I wonder if it might even be possible to have a default setting for photos (/videos/blogs), but then be able to change it for the individual picture (video/blog entry)? That way, one could share certain items but keep things such as family photos for members only.
I have noticed that it removed already spam to approve members. each day I accept or decline members depending on the information they put. I can tell if it is a real person or not this way and this person really means to participate. this should help greatly for now. let's see.

I have also noticed that Ning added a 'suspend member' and 'suspend member for spamming'. so this is good. they have added this recently for spamming and then remove all this person's messages.
we might want to have a member become administrator to help us see when someone needs to be removed and simply have the capacity to do so for all of us. let me know if you are interested. This could be a solution
Hi, Sorry I missed this I have had some house guests and I just saw them off today at the airport. I would be glad to admin. the discussion area. I'm not sure that I would take on the entire site though. Glad to see that you have a handle on this now. Love Jilly
Hi Lilou,

I can't volunteer because of my currently very busy schedule, but having done the admin/moderator thing on another forum before, I can give you a tip: you should have 2 or 3 mods/admins, so it doesn't turn into a full-time job for one person, and it's a really good idea to have one in the US and one in Europe or Australia/Asia too, in order to cover different timezones (depending on where most non-US members come from).
Hi Lilou,

Thank you so much for taking care of this. I think this site is just amazing just the way it is. I dont think you need to change anything. The only thing that I think this site can benefit from would be an administrator who can monitor activities and respond promptly in case of offenders like this one. We would all agree that seeing any blog entry ONCE is acceptable. What annoys us is when someone has total disrespect for the spirit in this website & tries to exploit it for other purposes which is totally unwanted. So if you could arrange for someone who can be contacted in case something like this happens, and who will promptly take care of it, thats all that is needed. And this person doesnt have to sit on this full-time. As long as this person knows how to take care of this issue, which is a 10 min job at most I think, and he/she has an active email where he/she can be reached.. I think would be just the nugget we need here. Thanks a ton, Lilou... I love this site.. It is soooo amazing.
I agree, approving of membership will help the spamming. I sure would hate to think all the videos and pictures would have to be approved first. Plus it seems like a lot of work since this is such an active group! I love sending people to my page on this site and if they had to join first to see it might keep people from visiting. Hopefully the current settings will solve the problemo!
As a person who had to wait for admission, I can only say it was a good thing. It is a good idea to keep the blogs and other stuff available for others who want to see what this is all about. It will let them know this isn't a group of superficial people who are looking for a quick fix to LOA, but a TRUE support system. THAT is what I got from reading the blogs and group stuff before deciding to join ~ locking down those things would block the flow of goodness and light that emits from the site.
Registration was painless and quick, and I did not mind having to wait for approval, it actually made me feel better ermmmm because a live person would read/feel my spirit and SEE ME!!??!! if that makes sense. Anywhoooooo my 2 cents.
wonderful feedback. thanks !!!!! welcome to CCOR
Thanks soooo much, I LOVE It here!!!
i have been scanning the new members for nearly a week and i have noticed that about 10% where spammers or wanted to sell their products, where not real participants, so I declined them. It is good that we have this in place I think.

Hello, Lilou

i think it is good now, i joined from today and thought i had quite a good idea of the site before i joined. Also i like some parts to be open only for cocreators. I have a small problem left, though, i signed in with my full name as asked, but i saw that when you fill in my name in google, it immediately showed this site.

Is there any way that i can remove the google connection? I changed my last name into 'poppy' but the google connection with my original name is still there. It's just, i'm a bit worried about this since i am looking for a job and am currently quite aware that they often type you in google to check up on you.Sorry to bother you with this, maybe you can change my last name in my subscription, or show me how to make another account with just a nickname (i don't bother cocreators knowing me real name though!). I didn't find how it is possible to cancel my current account though, i hope it will not be necessary either to do that?


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