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sorry everyone for the spamming issue in this discussion. I have contacted Ning to get them all removed and and fix this issue.

Additionally visitors will now have to register and be approved as a member by the CCOR team before being part of the network!

Shall we even have the videos and pictures, blogs for member only? a little extreme, no?

Let me know your thoughts


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Thanks Lilou for sorting out the spam issue. I agree with the others I think its good if potential members can have a browse around the site before joining, it lets them get a better picture of what CCOR is all about. Cheers x
Hello, Lilou

i think it is good now, i joined from today and thought i had quite a good idea of the site before i joined. Also i like some parts to be open only for cocreators. I have a small problem left, though, i signed in with my full name as asked, but i saw that when you fill in my name in google, it immediately showed this site.

Is there any way that i can remove the google connection? I changed my last name into 'poppy' but the google connection with my original name is still there. It's just, i'm a bit worried about this since i am looking for a job and am currently quite aware that they often type you in google to check up on you.Sorry to bother you with this, maybe you can change my last name in my subscription, or show me how to make another account with just a nickname (i don't bother cocreators knowing me real name though!). I didn't find how it is possible to cancel my current account though, i hope it will not be necessary either to do that?
Hi everyone, I have a question about the privacy if you can help me.

It is in regards to this part of the privacy setting:

My profile page and friends can be viewed by...
Just My Friends

My blog, photos and videos can be viewed by...
Just My Friends
Just Me

We do not have an option to set "blog, photos and videos" to just does this mean that, even if your profile is set to "Co-Creators" only, that anyone on the web who just stumbles on this site can see your blog, photos and videos? OR will all that be blocked from non co-creator strangers if your profile is set to co-creators only? Thank you!


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