The 100 Day Reality Challenge

sorry everyone for the spamming issue in this discussion. I have contacted Ning to get them all removed and and fix this issue.

Additionally visitors will now have to register and be approved as a member by the CCOR team before being part of the network!

Shall we even have the videos and pictures, blogs for member only? a little extreme, no?

Let me know your thoughts


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Dear Lilou,

Thanks for taking care of this issue. I think member approval is a great idea. However, as an enthusiastic newcomer to CCOR, I must say that having been able to browse around and read/view what other users were doing was exactly what made me want to join. So from my point of view, the current privacy settings are just fine. I know that I can manage who can view what on my page and change the settings at any time, and that's all I need to feel comfortable here.

by register you mean pay? I liked t better as free. I think if we add a report user feature it could be useful.
no. it is free and stays this way!
I mean as free but people will have to be approved to be members now to make sure it is real
whew ! Gosh I'm glad while I was away you were able to take action. You are on the mark Lilou. Thanks
Yes, i agree Lilou Monitored, and approved !!
I think I will approve the groups too now.
I don't have a problem with making this site more private with a registration system in place. It would definately slow down our spam issue, which has been going on for quite a while. I don't have a problem with non members seeing what goes on here at ccor, but, not specifically member activity. I know I'm probably alone in my opinion, but, we're going to keep having spammers and people who are only here to sell their services and not participate and eventually that kind of thing causes members to move on. Sometimes the lovely flowers in our gardens need to be protected from cold and wind and hail.
As someone who monitors another online social networking group that got SPAMMED ... the way we corrected it was to approve all members - spam ended. I'm sure you could find assistance to help with the admin stuff as this group is only going to get bigger and bigger as the year 2010 goes on.

My two cents about keeping the profiles public is YES!! If someone wants to make it private, they can. I feel that browsing the other co-creators and being able to share with their process is the MOST VALUABLE TOOL this site has to offer ... and for those people NOT ready to commit to their own 100 Day Reality Challenge - this is an opportunity for them to get ready!!

I continue to share with my online community how wonderful the Co-Creating Community is and want to be able to continue to share ... it's all about the sharing the WOW stuff! Thanks again for creating this :)
I agree with Joanne...Ditto
Glad to see this post since I came on last. xoxox
Hi Lilou,

I have a suggestion for the privacy settings. Currently we have to choose if our blog, photos and videos, all together, can be viewed by anyone, just our friends, or no one. I think it would be great if we could select one of those three settings for our blog, photos and videos separately. Then, for example, we could have our blogs open for any co-creators who wants to share our great thoughts but have our photos visible only to co-creators we are comfortable sharing them with.



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