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I am seriously looking for a serious book to read that talks about the souls of dogs. I absolutely love dogs and often wonder about my dog's soul. I vaguely remember watching a you tube video that said that dogs have souls but souls of humans and souls of dogs dont get mixed up. meaning that dogs get reborn as dogs and humans get reborn as humans.

I see so many books that talk about the soul of humans, such as books by abraham. does abraham have an answer or a video that answers my question? Or can anyone suggest a book that talks about souls of dogs. I tried searching, but couldnt find any serious books on this.


Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated. thanks!

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hi jenna :)
try 'all pets go to heaven (the spiritual lives of animals we have loved)' by sylvia brown. I haven't read it but I have read a lot of her other stuff. good luck!
ps, don't let the title fool you, she really is a spiritualist though at times she uses the word god, etc. she doesn't really believe there is a 'heaven', per se
ok . thank you. i will try that.
Hi Jenna! Months ago I watched a interview that Lilou made to Danielle Mackinnon and they talk about that. I found it very interesting! Her webpage is and you can look for the interview with lilou on youtube or Lilous page, I would give you the link but my Pc is so slow that it doesn't open. I think the title of the video is something like this: "do animals have a soul, how we can communicate with our pets"

Hope this help you!


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