The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Here's a fabulous manifestation for you!

I just moved to Phoenix, AZ from SC a little over a month ago. I was leaving a job with a small business that was okay but not going anywhere and not being able to make a dent in my debt even though I was living with my mom.

I left SC on Aug. 16th, drove cross-country in a moving truck without incident. I found online a house with cool people renting out rooms for travelers and have stayed here for a month, storing my furniture with an inexpensive self-storage company run by a very nice couple.

I found a promising job in my field (graphic design) had a great interview, found out I wouldn't start training for another month or more. So I went out and found work doing temporary merchandising jobs (stocking shelves, auditing products, resetting store displays, etc).

Just this week my graphic design job started: great environment, cool people almost all around my age and very upbeat. And I have just today landed a decent, reasonably priced one-bedroom apartment not far from my work and with a nice old guy for a manager! My boyfriend will be moving to join me in a month or two: he has family in this area and they've been very helpful and supportive.

Just imagine how things could go on at this rate!

hugs & happiness to all,

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Very awesome. Congratulation on the move and job.



What a blessing! Congrats on all your success. I live in South Carolina currently, but I am trying to move on. This gives me hope. Best wishes for the future!

Awesome :)


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