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Does anyone know how to make your own super green supplement ?

I'm not talking about the kind you buy in a jar or bottle. I'm talking about making your own to add to smoothies or drinks.

Thanks J

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Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ...thanks for the response. All that sounds so wonderful. I have some swiss chard in the garden but its not quite ready yet. What I was looking for was a recipe of sorts that you can make ahead of time, store it in the frig and scoop some for the smoothie or drink. Ya know just for the "on the go me" I'm talking

Lately I have been stuffing my face with the following:

Romane lettuce with a little vegan mayo and top with a slice of tomato and a strip of vegan smoked provolone. Yum. The smoked provolone make it taste like a bacon/lettuce and tomato sandwich. I'm downing one as a speak/

I must check out Elise's video...Off I go..Hugs, J :)


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