The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of u fabulous people! I'm on day 19 of my second season and I think I have finally started to get the hang of this whole thing! I have been struggling with finacial things for quite awhile and was hoping that I could get them all sorted out and at first I just sat wording about things and kept thinking about all the issues amongst other things that were causing problems and nothing seemed to be happening until recently... I started this challenge again not knowing what would happen the struggling and frustration came then I started getting flooded over with creative ideas to solve the issues the more I just let go the more ideas came to me. And finally I still wasn't getting anywhere so I read a post that jilly had wrote and it hit me like a brick! Live each day with love have the intention of love. Wow how could I have missed this one?!?!?! So that moment I decided to always live in luv! What a difference not only am I attracting beautiful fantasticly possitive people but I'm also not thinking so much about my problems more about the thongs that give me joy and love. The funny thing is these problems all of a sudden don't matter anymore! I can feel them working themselves out without me thinking! The creative ideas come and I do something to add them to my lust to make my dreams come true! I feel asthough I'm well on my way to realizing every dream and possibility out there! It's funny as soon as I started living with the luv everything that I needed at that point came to me! So THANK U THANK U THANK U all!!!!!! Remember the love! And always look inside that's the first place to find it! Xoxo

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I luv this sight! So motivational and so many people to share wonderful happy possitive thoughts
very coooooooll! sending you lots of love! this site shines and has been such an amazing support in my life!
I watching Canada for Haiti and hope for Haiti and that made me think.... Here we are on this site manifesting wonderful thingsfor ourselves why don't we try to manifest things for all those families children and people helping in Haiti! Please help me prayand manifest wonderful thongs for Haiti in this hard time!!! Thank you for joining me in this venture xoxo
we are manifesting positive energy in our lives thus creating more positive energy beams in the universe thus these positive energy beams are connecting with other positive energy beams making it easier for everyone to connect to the positive energy within them... by doing what we are doing - we are helping the people in haiti --- there is a lot of work to be done and the most important work to be done is be in a vibration of positive energy!

Right now -- as I type this and read your post - OUR ENERGY is being sent to those who need it - RIGHT NOW!!
Hey Heather, I was so glad to read this. I am so grateful for you and the love energy that you share. I am sorry I didnt reply earlier. I have had some house guests and believe it or not we discussed much of this stuff while they were here. It wa fantastic. As it is so wonderful to come here to give and recieve love it is also wonderful if you can find someone local that is like minded.
I read something so profound today. Many say they dont experience GOD/Source/Universe. I challenge this now for every individual.
Here is the deal. The begining of LOVE comes from The Source/God/Universe. So if anyone recieves or shares LOVE they have experienced GOD/Source/ Universe. This is why we look inside ourselves first for the answers. This place inside of us is where the LOVE resides as we are all one with the Source/Universe/GOD.
Sending you much love (hug ) J


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