The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Over the decades of having a lot of fun manifesting dreams one thing I continue to find a worthwhile and necessary part of the work is to separate the dream from reality. And to separate the reality from the dream.

Somehow trusting in the magic that is enough is just simply going into the vortex, or my own universe, or my imagination or whatever we call it going into a place that the dream is alive and keeping the dream alive and building the dream.

I know that there is a lot of people who feel and encourage and even teach that you got to "make it happen". I know that the best way to make it happen is to continue to dream it, and to dream it better and then the letting go of that is a daily process.

Meaning when the practice, the time spent in the dream is over, let it go. But then what? What to do in the current reality when the time meditating and working with the dream is finished for the day?

I know that the dream can be processed in the ordinary reality for example. Things come up in the ordinary reality of thoughts and feelings and beliefs and attitudes and CHOICES and decisions that are in relation to the dream.

But the dream I feel has so much power that just sticking with it is all the work and it is work that needs to be done. Along with that processing and those other things in daily life that the dream power literally manifests us to do. We don't have to do, we just have to wait for the motivation from the dream and respond to the dream as it shows up in reality in it's process of manifesting.

It is my experience that just a little bit of faith in the ordinary reality in the dream is enough along with the work of regularly and as skillfully as possible focusing on that dream meditatively, and picking up on that dream in the ordinary reality and then processing and working with and doing in that regard.

When the dream dies it means not that you gave up on it, but that it manifested and is now your reality and then a new dream can be dreamed. Sure, people can let go of a dream before it manifests but the art of it is to continue to hold the focus on that dream as long as you still desire for it to manifest until the dream fully appears as now not a dream but rather now manifested in the ordinary reality. Which can then be appreciated for what and how it is manifested. Which can also become part of the work.

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