The 100 Day Reality Challenge

There has been a little talk about giving here and I've been meaning to start this discussion to help everyone gain some more insight to its power.

The act of giving, to me, signifies a release of worry. A release of lack. A release of self. When we fully release our self then we can open up more to the harmony that this world has to offer. After all any definition of self that we have is completely ego based and can be changed with just one thought.

While in the past I have given things to people I always felt the feeling of some kind of lack. "What if I need that again?" I would ask myself. This would cause fear and lead to the feeling that I wasn't gaining anything by this act that should be selfless. So I would constantly stay in the feeling of lack and we all know how hard that is to get out of.

Recently I've been having different feelings on the subject that have changed the outlook of my whole life. I met a friend a while back who gives and gives and gives and never seems to ask for anything in return. I'm meeting with him soon to talk about this and his thoughts but for now it remains a mystery how one person can naturally "get it" and how I am just discovering it for myself. The more I paid attention to this powerful act the more people seemed to come out of the woodworks and I was able to see that this is all around us. I'm not sure it's all selfless but it's present.

So now I see giving as an act that directly impacts the world around me. The results are immediate and in most cases the love given is received back instantly.

So please, share with us all your thoughts on this wonderful, beautiful and profound act so we can all come to a better understanding and make the worlds around us a better place.

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Hey Chris, I came back to this discussion because for the first time I saw an incredible link between GIVING/BELIEFS/STRESS/THOUGHT/FEAR etc.
Some of us are caught in a cycle of BELIEFS. Some of us dont release/GIVE because we are in some sort of FEAR. That FEAR is from STRESS or causes STRESS. All of the above is from our THOUGHT process. Hmmm...Im still pondering this cycle...JILLY
Hmm. I'll have to meditate on this one Jilly. I like the sound of it though.
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By the way Chris, I remember you saying you were writing a book and this discussion was going to be added in some way as part of your research. Just wondering how the book is coming along?
Hey Jilly, funny you should ask. I have the next 6 days off so it's one of my main goals aside from cleaning my clutter. I'm still exploring the idea of giving and never got to far in my "giving challenge" but I have noticed an increase in my giving which has resulted in an increase of quality of life. It's still so interesting and pretty easy to get into the habit when you do it a few times.



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