The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Think and Grow Rich set of instructions - has anyone ever followed them and succeeded with goals? Or want to, now?

Hi, has anyone ever followed the instructions of essentially using the instructions set out in Think and Grow Rich, where you take steps to:
- write out exactly what you will achieve
- the date you'll achieve it by
- what you'll give to get it
- the exact steps to getting what you intend to manifest

And read over these things you write at least twice daily, imagining you have them already?

Anyone want to, these 100 days?

I think it'd be fun, with bigger, or smaller goals to manifest. To support each other in doing this daily, no?

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Hi Jennifer -

I'd be interested in doing this. When does your next season start?

Hi Jennifer,
I just came across your post and just finished reading the book this weekend. I wrote down my goals but gave myself a year to complete them, the steps, etc.

I definitely think this would be fun to do! Let's do it!
I would be interested in this too. It depends on what you had in mind. I haven't read the book, so I'm a bit unsure.
I agree! I will def try that.
I'm going to try it too, thanks!
Sounds like a great idea. You can count me in.
Here is the link for the workbook for those interested:
Wow! Thanks Lisa! I didn't even know there was a workbook! This is great!
Attached is link for the book, for those who do not have a hardcopy:
Thanks for the book and workbook! I've listened to the audio book, 'Think and Grow Rich' awhile ago. The audio book was from the libray and I didn't do anything with it after returning it. Now, I have a copy to refer to. This is great!
Yes, this does work! The hardest part is creating the self-discipline to keep to it each day!

I have been teaching "Think and Grow Rich" Workshops for almost 3 years now and so many wonderful things have come out of it for me and my students. The students who do the steps do get what they want/or the experience of it in one shape or form.

I have found that the students who create the most self discipline and hence results write their goal down every morning and read it out loud in front of the mirror at least 2 times and then recall it mentally throughout the day.

As far as me...sure I am in!

Hello Dawn!

so its the reading it aloud twice a day... thats where it really makes it hit home, correct?

I write my goal, my reason for wanting it, and the route I'm going to take to achieve it every morning after I read. Do I need to put a time limit on it as well?



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