The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Think and Grow Rich set of instructions - has anyone ever followed them and succeeded with goals? Or want to, now?

Hi, has anyone ever followed the instructions of essentially using the instructions set out in Think and Grow Rich, where you take steps to:
- write out exactly what you will achieve
- the date you'll achieve it by
- what you'll give to get it
- the exact steps to getting what you intend to manifest

And read over these things you write at least twice daily, imagining you have them already?

Anyone want to, these 100 days?

I think it'd be fun, with bigger, or smaller goals to manifest. To support each other in doing this daily, no?

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That sounds wonderful! Consider me in! I'll check in with you everyday if you do the same for me. Sound good?

Talk to you soon,
I think its a great Idea, my good friend who is a co-creator in my group "Destiny Seekers" wants to follow the instructions in the book and do a discussion group and go over each chapter as we read it. So I guess what I'm saying is "I'm game for it." Also check out our group. we just started it but hope to achieve great things with our group.

I am Pankaj Roy from India.

Here is my goal which I intend to achieve following the Instructions of book THINK AND GROW RICH.

Goal : Raise $20 Million by 1st September 2009 to start PURA Project in villages of West Bengal, India.

Resource : Money would be raised with integrated effort from Central Govt. (India), State Govt., Industrial houses, Leaders, Intellectuals and Celebrities.

What I will give : I will co-ordinate, convince, motivate above mentioned bodies to come together with single minded Goal of making PURA (Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas) Project a reality.

Why I believe : I have all ready got go ahead signal from former President of India, Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam. Dr. Kalam has been well known for his successful scientific missions and by guidance and support of Dr. Kalam this project will also become a reality.

Steps : First I need to convince the State leaders (both ruling and Opposition) to get their consent to start the project. I have already got call from Governor's Secretary that he would be happy to start such project and he sent his best wishes.

From 1st June I am participating in 100 days reality challenge and using law of attraction & instructions of NAPOLEON HILL'S book THINK AND GROW RICH I will achieve my Goals.

- Pankaj Roy (India)
I'm reading the book now!
I'm reading the book, and it's pretty good. I'm in!
I am doing just that I have my goals and taking actions, meditating, gratitude , journaling, reading, listening to things that i feel encourage like wayne dryer, this site, and Micheal beckwith. finshing a new earth. I am looking for a support group as well sometimes those closest to you are just not the right ones to share it with.
Me too!
I guess this was last year, I wonder if there is such group.
I started a new group and will be glad to facilitate a real book study for everyone here on CCOR.

Please join the group... "Think and Grow Rich"

Send me a pm asking for the pdf of the book, if you do not already have it.

And introduce yourself there.

Much Love and Success!
Dawn Nocera
i'm GAME with this :)
It's funny that I just saw this discussion because I put this book on hold at the library so I could listen to it and practice some steps that's in the book. Hmmm, maybe it'll be my next Season...LOL. Now that's an idea!
A year ago I wrote a whole calendar in advance for school. I would look for a job in a specific area since I was moving and move in with other family by a certain date. Now I was unsure about this and I stopped using the calendar for lack of habit. By mid-summer I looked back at it and everything had happened on time. I was hired in the specific area where I looked, and only had too interviews. I was hired practically on the spot. So I think the idea of planning works. I think I've read bits of think and grow rich, great book. I'm going to make another calendar, I've been giving myself mental deadlines. I think the mental impression of expecting to meet those deadlines are what matter the most though.


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