The 100 Day Reality Challenge

As Earl Nightingale teaches a successful person is someone who is realizing a worthy ideal.

That is someone who is doing something, to give of a positive contribution to their family, friends, society but more importantly because they really want to do it.

My success story is being able to make this decision and more importantly take actio each and everyday to realize the outcome of my goal. A I  have progressed along this path towards my goal my success has started to accumulate in a diverse manner of areas that I could not have envisaged when I set out.

I am moving  with a greater confidence and resolve every day!

My belief has become more steadfast where doubts, worries and fears are not as influential as they were previously.

My daily actions are focused and specific on benefiting my goals and dreams, not my employers!

Whenever challenges  arise I am  better equipped to firstly know that there will something to learn, I will overcome the challenge and that  there is a benefit in each challenge!

I have attracted into my life phenomenal resource and teachings which I can draw upon everyday!

I am doing what I want to do.

For too  often I thought that success only came at the end, when a goal is achieved! However thanks to my new  understanding and life application success is achieved daily!

Oh  and by the way the results, are coming automatically!

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