The 100 Day Reality Challenge

i was Wondering when i was wacthing the secrect there was the story of the artist who would paint women facing away form him. He had a bad love life and was told to paint himself with women instead.
I was wondering as a singer/ song writer could use the same process with song writing as in write and perform songs about being with women and being in love with one woman?

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yes, of course! go ahead! :)
i`ve had something interesting happen i will post it on my blog
I'm a songwriter too and I completely think what you're saying is true!
in fact just before I found out about this challenge I finished writing a song called "A Life Worth Living (Just around the Corner) !
:D :D :D :D
Hey Jamie, go to my page and listen to "MY WISH"...I think you might like it. Let me know. It says it all and I listen to it all the time at least once a day. Hugs JILY


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