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Now I daresay that I've tried many times to apply the Secret Law of Attraction to hit the $200,000 lottery and failed. I bring this up for a number of reasons, this is very frustrating for me. I just knew that I would win the other day and I didn't. I know in advance what I will do with the money when I win it. I've even told God, thanking Him/Her in advance for letting me win the lottery. Well you know what? I just won't give up. It just seems like sometimes He's/She's working against me. That's alright. I'll just keep trying until God finally gives in. I even felt the FEELING of winning the money and it still fails! I don't care if the odds are one and a million. I'm IN it to WIN it!

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Well I would ask you this: "Why do you want to win the lottery?" I think for most people winning the lottery is what they think of as there only chance to ever get rich and live in abundance. So if you know that you can attract $200,000 any way you want and you think winning the lottery would just be a fun way to it, your chances might be pretty good. But if you can just see no other way of attracting abundance in you live and the lottery is your only hope, good luck waiting, because you will be waiting for a long time.
THANK YOU BENGT, I like how you pointed out to AMIR that he is leaving his affirmation/manifistation up to CHANCE. Heck, this will never be my practice. I will always live my life as I intend it. Amir, you might take notice.
Blessings to you Bengt, JILLY
  • My sister does this. My partner does this. Everyone I know who's lost hope that they can create financial abundance for themselves does this. That's quite a queue you've joined.
  • You're making an affirmation that you don't have the ability to create money for yourself, except through luck/intervention by an outside agency. And you wonder why the God/dess won't agree to that???
  • Oh, and just in case you didn't notice the irony, you're declaring that you don't have the power to create abundance, and yet demanding that your specific vision of abundance not only be created for you, but in the specific manner of your choosing. Hmm. Anyone else notice the internal conflict with that idea?

If you want $200,000, why not just ask for $200,000? Then take action on the ideas you get. Lets face it, one good idea put into practise and connected with ONE right person to start the chain reaction can easily do it. Heck, putting aside $20 a week until retirement gets you more than that!
ok, here is my take on this. Please tell me what you think..One of my intentions is to manifest 5M dollars by ninth october 2010. I know what this sounds like, but that's my intention anyway :) . So I know that money comes to me in many ways. And I have a few ideas of how I am going to manifest the 5M dollars. I do plan to write a more detailed blueprint of how to do this. So honestly a part of me is thinking and feeling . And then there is another part of me which does this mind mapping technique writing down all the ideas that come to me that will help towards this goal. So I will take action. And just so you know better what Im talking about, some of my actions are keeping teh house clean, saving, feeling good all the time or most of the time, donating and helping people, and also working on multiple streams of income. The last part that I wanted to talk about is playing the lottery. I thought that every 2 weeks if I buy a scratch ticket for 3$, its not a huge loss, especially if Im pretty responsible with my other expenses. But here with the lottery, I have the possibility to receive a lot or all or more than the money I want. SO why not .I'm not obsessed with it. If it happens, why not. If it doesnt, then I have other options. So that's my story. I think the other thing with the lottery is that people think they dont deserve the money because they are giving nothing in return. But I feel that I have always given so much, that its time for a big windfall to come my way, anyday and anyway...:) Thought I would share... Tell me what you think....LOL
okay, I see one big problem. you're trying to attract abundance while feeling lack. it's not going to work.

you can't think that "if I buy a scratch ticket for 3$, its not a huge loss, especially if Im pretty responsible with my other expenses" That's vibrates lack. Not abundance.

I also notice an even bigger problem. In your original post you state: "It just seems like sometimes He's/She's working against me. That's alright. I'll just keep trying until God finally gives in" Why would Source/God ever work against you? Why do you feel you have to pester God/Source until he/she finally gives in? You are disconnected.

It's just not going to work like this. You need to state your intention and detach yourself from the outcome. That's to say that you can't limit it to the lottery as the ONLY way you will attract the money you seek, even if that's the only way you can see it happening.
Hi Trish, I loved your response. You are right on. Amir is lacking alright.
He has broken the fundamental rules of the Law of Attraction.
1. Lacking
2. Competition
3. Graditude
Amir has demonstrated lacking very clearly.
He has also in this discussion demonstrated competition. "he went from asking the source to telling the source"...and that he wont give up.
He is still in the "im going to win" mind set, he has not moved past that to "im grateful that I won".
Im not surprise that the source has pulled a deaf ear to Amir and his silly quest.
Blessing to you Trish, JILLY
Hi Jenna, This dang discussion keeps coming to the top of the discussion pages and I have been ignoring it for days now since it was first posted on the 12th. I finally decided to open it and read everyones comments as I sit here and drink my morning coffee, and watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade.
You asked at the end of your reply to tell you what we think. One thing that jumped off the page in your reply was . "But I feel that I have always given so much, that its time for a big windfall to come my way, anyday and anyway...:)"
My idea of Giving is when we give from our heart and never ever consider getting something back in return. Just something to think about. Love you my friend, JILLY
Hi Jilly...Thanks for your comment. You are absolutely right. Actually whenever I give (whether its in kind or with my time), I just give for the sake of giving.. and i believe that that allows the energy to flow better in the universe. But I dont expect something in return per se. If I never get anything in return thats fine as well.. I would still give because I love to give. But its impossible for anyone who gives so freely to never receive anything. I'm not talking about me...just anyone. I personally have received so much, unexpectedly and all that makes me believe more in the flow of energy through the universe.
Receiving money through the lottery is a bit tricky. I wonder if anyone has ever become an expert in winning the lottery.. as in done that multiple times. ANyway..I think its a possibility..thanks for correcting me ..I will project positive vibrations now and be careful about the vibrations that Im giving out.
Oh Jenna, I just love your participation here on co-creator. You are a light for sure. I happen to realize and know for sure that you are a fabulous giver. I hope you will keep me in check as well. Much Love and Blessing Vibes...~♥~JILLY~♥~
Hi Crystal, I dont believe we have met. Nice to meet you. I was just writing on Jenna's reply below that I have been ignoring this discussion for days and was moved to read it this fine Thanksgiving morning. Thank you for giving a common sense slant to the solution. I loved your plain and simple approach. Thanks JILLY
Sorry, but I have to agree with most others on this post - I believe that you only think you can win the lottery because you don't have the ability to create it for yourself!

Just ask the universe for $200,000 because you deserve it and you will eventually attract that legitimately, not just by some luck!

Plus don't think you are failing just because you don't have it yet - start to notice the signs of wealth being attracted to you everyday and get excited :-)
I was just like you! And everytime I've lost the drawing I would be so upset......
Until I started asking myself why I wanted to win and things like "I will be able to choose a better job" or "Now I can go back to school" would come up. It was like a solutions for my problems.
It took me lot of suffering to understand I am the solution and not the money!
I, maybe, can't change my job right now or go right back to college, but I know I will one day. That takes the whole money and hurry to win and lack mind and frustration for not winning, all of it, down to ashes.
I still want to win but it is not the main thing in my life. I also have lots of plans on how to grow as a human being I am, and that has nothing to do with money.
My advise is, don't quit your desire to win but believe you already won, just like knowing for sure you will be going out of town in the next year. But whatever reasons you are choosing for winning the lottery, don't allow anger or self-pitty or any bad feelings to be the reasons. Understand me? Because even if you win, you will be as miserable as my dad when he won.

Take care and good luck,



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