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Hi all you wonderful peeps in co-creator land. I was wondering how many of you would be up to a Vision Board Party of Sorts. I thought I would start a group called VISION BOARD PARTY. I had a real vision board party at my house back in January and it was a blast. I invited all my friends over, those that dont even have a notion of what the Law is about and those that do. We had a wonderful time and I served up homemade meatballs with tomato sauce and Italian bread for dipping.
Since that time I have attacked my vision board like Edward Sissor hands, cutting, clipping and changing things that were WRONG CHOICES. That board is a mess and Alek gave me an idea about being organized. As I was in my organizing mood I took a good look at my board and as it has all the right things on sure looks unorganized. So I was thinking...what if we started a group and set a date to have a vision board party. We can give ourselves a couple of weeks to prepare, clip pics and such and on the date to create it we can put them all together. After we put them together we can post them on the group for all to see. Then as the time passes we can discuss some of the changes we make that maybe not the correct choice, AND share all the wonderful things that have unfolded as a result of the new boards. So do you think you might be interested? If so leave a comment here and after I get at least 5 of you interested I will start the group.

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I'm up for it! I think it's a great idea.
If we have 2 weeks of preparation; I'm in!! good idea Jilly
Two more peeps and we have ourself a PARTY! Its almost PARTY TIME! ...JILLy
Would LOVE this!!
I'm in
I'm up for this! :) xxx
WE are up and running. Let the PARTY BEGIN. I started the group and set the date for the BIG DAY. You will have 2.5 weeks to prepare and gather your supplies. WOOOOWHOOOO its a PARTY ! ! ! ! Hugs JILLY
this sounds like fun! :) :) :)
I'm doing my vision board as a powerpoint
so i hope that's ok with everyone. :P :P :P :P
(i've never been a scissors and glue kinda gal :P :P )
I'm new here - but I would love to join if it's not too late. I have started some basics and planning for my board. I'm in!
I'll join too! Let me know the actual date that you want for me to upload the vision board. By the I just scan it in or do I send it somewhere? Not sure as I've never done this online before!
HI everyone, The party has begun. The group has formed. It is called VISION BOARD PARTY. We are all working on our boards now. If you have a board, you can create a fresh one. You can also make a mini board to attach to your refrig (8X10) or make a micor-mini to attach to your car visor (4X6). Its not to late to join. We will be posting our boards on Oct 24 for all to see. Some have also posted some of there past boards to give examples of what the possibilities are. I have been listing some helpful hints on the group page also and will continue to do so up till the big day. So come join the PARTY !....Hope to see you there...JILLY



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