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Hey people! I have some questions about vision boards.

How do you go about looking at your vision board, do you just look at it a few times a day.

Do you take time to look at your vision board, every morning and night, and sit there and feel with all your senses everything on your vision board as all ready happened?

Do you have all your goals on the vision board, BIG goals and small goals?

Have you ever made a vision board then decide that things on there are not necessary and so you make another one, or put it away and forget about it completely?

In you opinion whats better a poster vision board or a video/mind movie.

Do you think its best to stick your own head on certain people on the vision board to make it more powerful?

Why have a vision board? why not just visualize in your head?

Oh and feel free to tell us any manifestation story's related to your vision board.

Thanks for replying, I appreciate it :)

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1. I have vision boards everywhere and they're put in places that I look everyday (on my laptop wallpaper, at my desk, and I have mini ones that I carry in a notebook in my purse). I don't really set aside a time to look at my vision boards, they're just a normal apart of my daily life.

2. I look at my vision boards consciously and subconsciously throughout every day.

3. I have everything on my vision board. Big goals, small goals, material things. I have no shame telling the universe everything I want, even if it seems impossible.

4. Yes. Honestly, sometimes it's just that I'm embarrassed by my vision boards. I'll be afraid that someone will see it and reinforce my fear the impossibility of my dreams. I actually just found my first vision board today. I made it with hand drawings when I first learned about the law of attraction. It was tucked away with some of my files.

5. I prefer vision boards on posters. Well, technically mine are on cork boards and inside of my manifestation notebook that my mom gave me. I think that mind movies are a great way to get all of your senses involved in your visualizations, though I prefer the convenience of poster/paper vision boards.

6. I've never stuck my head on another person, but it sounds like a good idea as long as it makes you feel happy.

7. I have a vision board because it's a pure place. I'm human so my mind not only holds the things I desire, but also my doubts and fears. My vision board is a place where I can see what I want and leave behind the rest.

8. Through vision boards I've manifested opportunities to perform poetry, a relationship, a Wii and Wii fit, and a sewing machine. (At least those are the things I can think of and/or are am conscious of.) Also, after initially reading your post I minimized my internet browser for some reason only to realize that I had just got a notebook that was almost identical to the one on my vision board on my computer's wall paper. I was amazed.
I recently have made my first vision board and I do look at it everyday as it is in my bedroom. Also in my living room mirror I have written "I'm having a Love Affair With Life". I too am not embarrassed by this or my vision board. You've given me some other great ideas as well.

Nice! thank you for share Morg! I will mine vision board soon! What I did first was a list of all the things I want to achieve this year! ALL THE THINGS! big or small!...and I think I have to add a new ones!...well after that I will cut images or words and make my vision board! I think the important thing is to follow what your heart tells you...there's no a Law that tells you how to do the way you want to do it and express yourself!!
Hi Angelica, Maybe you would like to join my group Vision Board Party. Blessing Jilly
Oh! Excellent!! I will look for it right now!! Thank Jilly!!
I will do my best to do a video on this very soon
Looking forward to watch it!! :)
Thanks Lilou!
the video is being uploaded online....
Thank you Lilou!!! I was a little down before watch this video but now you gave energy, and I feel better now! and I will cut right now more pics from magazines!!! Thanks! :)
Much love for you too!!


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