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This might be a strange question but I will ask anyway. I have been visualizing for my perfect job. I think I might have got it but since it is a type of job that I have not thought about, I am not sure if this is in fact my perfect job. The job pays me by signatures to be used in up coming election. Question: should I focus my visualization on getting signatures which is how I earn money? or keep original focus and visualize mysef getting my perfect job. after all this could be it. Should I focus on visualizing myself receiving money and go with that? Am I over thinking this? Anyone else wrestle with wanting to know if the job that showed up for them really is the best one?

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I like to envision using a process I call being specifically non-specific. For you I might start by thinking about this concept of The "Perfect Job" and expand it to include anything that has the qualities you are looking for in that/those job(s).
So is it in fact a job where:
- you meet a lot of peple
- you get to influence alot of thinking
- you get paid well
- you feel engaged and vitalized doing it

NOW this can be MANY jobs! Oh and don't forget to add the phrase "this or something better" in case the universe has something so perfect YOU are unable to know what it is until it comes to you!

Great good luck!
marti is right. you have to list what your core passions are - your highest excitement. then leave the rest to the universe. it will find the perfect job for you!

for ie., my passions are (or what is most important to me)
freedom (#1)
recognition (though I really value privacy)
financial security

so I write music. it fulfills every need and it's my highest excitement!! focus on the qualities that support how you want to feel and trust yourself to co-create a wonderful job you may not have even thought of. cheers!
try listening to music when you want to visualize. Happy music that you like and makes you feel good! then visualize x yor job and believe like you know like you know like you know!!! your`e gonna get tit!!
Great ideas! Since my post I discovered that this was not my perfect job, so I will add to my visualization and affirmations
"this or something better". Thanks for the advice!


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