The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Do you know any simple exercise to increase sexual energy? i think sexual energy is one of the most powerful energies that we have. Mine is low/very low. Any suggestion? *blush*
I've found a site which is called "the desilets method" but it doesn't explain a lot
Women, lovely co-creators, help me!

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I think both!
Try tantra
I dont know if my wife has a healthy libido to begin with or if her libido is elevated by hot men on tv. But when certain men (sawyer from lost for example) is on tv .......I, gratefully, am the beneficiary. Its all good though fantasy is healthy!
i don't know, i don't think my libido is elevated by watching other men on tv...i'm not interested in them in any way! :) yes i think fantasy is healthy btw.
i'll try!
ahah me too!
Gee Wizzz, How did I miss this one. Ole Jilly is asleep at the wheel.
Good GAWD...a man in 501 Levi Jeans walking the other way does it for me. Hubby wore them for the first 20 years of our marriage. Now he wears logging jeans...same effect...all is good in Jillys world.

P.S. dont get old and puts a damper on things
oh wow, and here i thought those holes in my back were dimples, they actualy have a purpose? hehehehe, hmmm, Vin Diesel, yep, thats about all I have to say bout that, lol


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