The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I'm looking for activites I can practice and bring into my life such as gratitude dance in the morning etc.

What do you all do? I'd really love everyone's ideas!!! =D

P.S. I'm getting a job today ;-) right right? I am!! =D

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I really like the Rule of 5. You look at the goals you want to achieve, come up with 5 steps that will get you closer and do them, then at the end of the day you list 5 things that you are grateful for. This works really well for me :)
Thanks so much!! =) I really appreciate the idea =)
I just made a Vision Board, and I taped it to my its like my own mini movie! :)
I look at it often and look at the picture of the house im looking into buying and say "I am moving to Michigan...." or I look at the picture of the phone and say "E~~~ will call"

I only started 10days ago so not much has manifested except some great contacts.

Have a Peaceful day!
Thank you. Good luck with you first 100 days!
Lorraine, have you completed your vision board? That really helped me and also journaling helps me to keep a clear head and chronicle my daily feelings and thoughts.
Yes. The only probably is it's very big and I don't have any where to put it in the house where I can see it every day. I don't spend much time in my room except to sleep and my mom doesn't like to have it in the living room.
I tried putting a picture of what really trigered my overall feelings of going to Michigan on my cell phone. So you will see that one thing everytime you flip open your cell phone. Or if you can take a picture of your vision board and carry it everywhere with you. A picture is very small and if someone does happen to see it they will either ask about it or ignore it.
k =)
Thank you! I know this is the way to go! =D
Hello Melissa,

I'm doing all this LOA stuff too. A vision board, gratitude my collected stuff and always be positiv.

But very important for myself is, don't jugde about strangers if they cross your way. Look at them and smile. You will be surprised how many people will react positive. Just today, an older woman with a dog crossed my way and she smiled back so brightly, right into my heart!

This will raise your energy so much. Remenber the days shit happens; once, twice, the whole day will be only crap. Be kindly to every stranger and you will get a positiv respond most of the time. You will recognize jerks very fast.

Thanks, great advice!
hahah so true though i will try smiling more often also treating every person as though they are important is good too


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