The 100 Day Reality Challenge

We may have heard that thoughts become things! If not start to watch your thinking today.

In our pursuit of our goals ambitions and other desires we want to manifest we need to understand that our predominant thoughts are infused in our habits, our actions and eventually become the results see in our lives!

We need to understand that our thoughts determine our feelings and it is our feelings that dictate our vibrations and the vibration attract what we receive in our lives. So whether we have what we want or not what we have has come about at our request!

We may have heard this concept before in some or other book, video, forum or lesson but the understanding and acceptance of this is essential.

We become what we think and this is a statement of basic fact. Observe our friends, families and colleagues and assess what the complainers have in their lives? With a bit of observation we start to see that their predominant thoughts are filled with a lack of gratitude and they perpetuate an ongoing series of interactions that give them more ammunition to complain. (Try stay away from these people!)

Now what can we do to ensure that our thoughts are cherished with an extremely high value that each and everything that enters our mind is cherished like fine gold and given the appropriate treatment?

Firstly we need to generate positive self-image that firms up the foundation of recognizing our infinite potential and ability to achieve anything we desire. Do this by writing a list of all your awesome characteristics and repeating them continuously.  Secondly talk to yourself...tell yourself how awesome you are all the time.

When you are happy with yourself you will never be lonely ever again!

Secondly define what we want. Write down an image of the person you want to be, the life you want to live or the goal you want to achieve.

Thirdly focus on your new life image constantly. We need to make sure the positive and abundant image of what we want to become takes a priority place within our mind! By doing this and making sure that we are doing this as often as possible throughout the day we will begin to experience that effect that this has on other aspects of our thinking process, our feelings will be more positive and resilient against negative influences and lastly we will undertake every action each and every day with more intent, enthusiasm and concentrated effort.

So my challenge to you is cherish your thoughts, work hard to make sure that only good seeds are planted in the garden of your mind and that the weeds of negativity are uprooted as soon as possible.

For more help read As a Man Thinketh by James’s a phenomenally simple read but extremely effective when understood and applied.

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