The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I confess that I've become really bored of cooking and find myself constantly making the same dishes over and over again. I'd love some new ideas of what you all tend to eat in a given day? Whether you're a gourmand or a newbie, share your secrets? BTW I'm allergic to wheat so I eat gluten free.

My breakfast was:
cup of buckwheat cereal with cinammon, raisins and agave syrup. Some days I'll have a protein shake with vanilla protein powder, 1 cup rice or hemp milk, cup of raspberries, 2 Tbsp flax seeds.

Lunch is usually spinach salad with my dressing (orange juice, olive oil, salt, pepper), with a can of tuna

Snack- 2 oranges

Dinner- 1 grilled artichoke, 1 cup of steamed green beans, roasted chicken. I always have a protein like chicken or fish, some kind of vegetable, and sometimes a carb. Today I didn't since I ate 3 cookies that I had baked. :)

Snack- 2 cups cherries, 10 almonds

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I think at 400 for 30 min? Also how wide do you cut yours?
Since you also follow a gluten free diet, and are O blood like me, I was wanting to ask you if you've tried any of the gluten free products on the market. If so, which ones do you like or not like? The other day I bought a gluten free pancake mix by ??Old Mill or Bob? Forget now....Anyway it was made of potato flour and tasted like whole wheat flour...not bad. I also bought a gluten free brownie mix so will see how that tastes.
I do buy the gluten free pasta, and you have to admit that it doesn't taste as good as whole wheat pasta, so I only eat it occasionally.
Hi there, when I am in full diet mode, which I have recently jumped back into I eat the following:

BREAKFAST: bircher muesli (recipe below) topped with fresh blueberries and low fat greek yoghurt

SNACK: 2 kiwifruit + 4 brazil nuts

LUNCH: green salad with no dressing topped with sweet chilli tuna OR a pita pizza made with a medium pita spread with low fat hummus topped with mushrooms, grated carrot, mung bean sprouts, red onion, pumpkin seeds and a little edam cheese (1/3 less fat than other standard cheeses) sometimes I will add tuna or chicken

SNACK: super green smoothie: 1 banana, big handful of fresh spinach, 1 cup of icy cold water, 1 tsp spirulina powder

DINNER: giant salad no dressing, and either of the following: low fat spag bolognaise, tuna bake, garlic steak, white fish fillet with lemon and parsley gremolata or creamy chicken pasta

DESSERT: usually weight watchers jelly and a scoop of icecream

a pretty full day of eating, lol!

I am currently creating a cookbook which will have some of these recipes and more, just got to get it finished! lol
Barbara your diet sounds pretty good! Although I don't know how you can go with no salad dressing in your salad? That's brave! ;) I've never tried the green smoothie. How is that?

Your muesli sounds good too. When I first looked at it I was thinking it was granola, which I've tried to make before. Absolutely love granola, though it IS fattening.
oops, forgot to post the Bircher Muesli recipe!

This version is very very low fat and low sugar hence the lack of ingredients such as juice etc.


1/2 cup rolled oats
1/2 cup cold water
1/2 cup fresh or frozen berries (defrosted)
1 tablespoon pumpkin seeds (pepitas)
1 tablespoon sunflower seeds
1/4 cup low fat greek yoghurt

Into a bowl place the rolled oats and water and soak for about 20mins - this is better done the night before for a creamier consistency.

Drain of any excess water and top with the low fat greek yoghurt, then the berries and lastly the seeds.

Enjoy :)

My general meal formula:

Breakfast - Oatmeal w/ frozen fruit, cinnamon and yogurt OR two eggs each with a rice cake

Lunch - Salad with dressing (olive oil, garlic, orange juice), beans/peas or tuna/salmon sandwich w/ carrot sticks

Snacking foods - fruit, almonds, sunflower seeds, piece of cheese

Dinner - Lean meat or fish, vegetable and quinoa/brown rice w/ green tea


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