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It so happened that in the last 2-4 days I stumbled upon the term 'unconditional love' several the song by India 'Because I am a Queen', in Lilou's video 'What love is not' , in Louise Hay's audios etc
So I would like to hear from you what unconditinal love is for you, how you understand it, if you have experienced it, how, where and what impact has it had on oyur life, if you love yourself unconditionally and if you love somebody unconditionally.....let us start! Come on brothers and sisters! Co-creators! Please share your insights and unconditional USEFUL PRACTICES here so that we can create a better world for ourselves, for others and so that we can heal our lives!

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Sorry I dont have a deep answer for you on this one Alek. It means just that. UN-CONDITIONAL. There are no conditions attached to the giving of the LOVE. You expect absolutely nothing in exchange.
Like this...I love you Alek, I truly do, JILLY

Thank you Jilly again for your insight!
Thank you for this wise quotation, it is beautiful and inspiring, I will write it down in my notebook and post it on my computer!

Did you always give unconditional love? How have you come to this point of giving unconditional love?
It is beautiful that you can give unconditional love and that you can give it to me;)
Thank you! Your goodness and love inspires me and heals my heart!
I love you UNCONDITIONALLY, thank you!
This is great, thank you for publicizing this discussion. Great sentiment Jilly. Saw the 'what love is not' interview video the other day and it's been on my mind since. I have been consciously loving as much as possible. It is now down to an inner dialog. Whenever I feel myself moving beyond assessing another individual, into the realm of judging another individual...I stop myself and tell myself something like "I am love...I love unconditionally...unconditional love respects the decisions of others...finds joy in the uniqueness of others choices and beliefs.". Cool that you started this discussion, see my blog post for the day on this same matter. Also check out the related Spirit in Finance video with Ivo Valkenburg who explores the topic of unconditional love of self a bit more!
Here are some other interviews on the subject that might help you

and of course the one you refer to
I have had this conversation several times over the past few years. I truly believe that the only "unconditional" love we feel is between a parent & child. Even when it comes to ourselves, it seems we fall in & out of love.. or most people do. I like to think that I'm finally to the point in my life that I do love myself unconditionally. Regardless of things I may not be satisfied with.. I love myself with a newfound admiration & respect that I have never before felt... flaws & all.
When it comes to love between two people that do not share the parental bond, that love can dissolve or lessen over time, it can shatter due to a hurt of some kind... it is conditional based on whether mutual needs are being met. This can be for romantic love or even friendship love. Of course.. my opinion only.. :)
Wow, I sure disagree with this reply from Pamela. She said that Unconditional love can only be between a parent and a child. Not true. And I dont believe that the Unconditional love needs to be mutual.
I can love anyone I want, and in my case I chose to love everyone that I come in contact with.
I believe Pamela's perception or opinion is way off base.
What is here answer to someone that has parents who have passes away at an early age or a couple that has never had children?
I love you PAMELA, Jilly
P.S. I also believe that I can love someone even when they dont love themselves.
I'm with Pamela in the sense that for me personally, the only truly unconditional love I have experienced is for my children. So that narrows it down even further. My children are the only people whom I love 100% all the time and would never love any less no matter what happens. I can't say the same for my parents, or at least not both of them.

It's not about being fair to childless people, it just is what it is. I waited a long time for mine, and I knew very well that I was missing out on what people with children had in their lives. But I also kept looking forward to experiencing it for myself.

However, this goes for me personally. I couldn't possibly say whether other people could feel unconditional love for anyone other than their child.

And P.S.: I too can love someone who doesn't love themselves. I always found it strange when people said that wasn't possible. I think it might be a cliché.
Hi Vicki, I appreciate your reply. This "Unconditional" Love thing is a hard pill to swallow for many. Many have a belief that this wonderful fabulous love for one another has to stay in the family as it were. It doesn't. This is where many need to shed those old beliefs that lie to us.
My husband for one cant wrap his head around that fact that I can love someone else with the same unconditional love as I love him. He doen't realize that I have romantic love as well as unconditional love for him. I dont have romantic love for those walking the streets, but I do have unconditional love for them. Does that make sence? Regarding your P.S. I agree, I can even love someone that doen't love me back. But I have found that when I show that stranger love, by say "giving" forms a love connection that cause that stranger to reflect love back.
Intense food for thought, Vicki. No kids here, but I think I grasp the foundations. I may be all wet I have a question - I keep getting stuck on the phrase "100% all the time". I keep getting hung up there because it inspired some thoughts about the act of loving.

Like I tried to think of instances where I loved something or someone less than 100% of the time. Like I think about my buddies....I don't love them on a "part-time" basis. Maybe I am totally misunderstanding this....but I had the idea like - I love Frank 100% of the time, not 75% of the time and same for Sam - not 60% of the time...or some random person....100% not 10% because they are a random face.... is that how you mean it?

Well...if so that takes me down this other road....because I thought about myself....loving myself & I cannot think of one time where I stopped loving myself...which means by extension, that I have always loved myself....which means I love myself 100% all the time I thought of a couple times where I might have stopped loving myself...and realized....that I simply decided to make the love of myself conditional.

And that opened up this whole other vein of thinking. If I simply decided to conditionally love myself (and others by extension)....does that mean that love is simply a force, like air or water? Something that is constantly flowing energy within and between us all? By this logic, we are "love conduits". We can choose to limit the flow of love based on parameters or conditions that others must meet in order to feel as though they are worthy of our bestowing that love which is already flowing freely anyway. I mean it makes me wonder about the existence of "conditional love" at all? I mean is there conditional air?

So....okay....that established....the logic caries into the idea of loving someone who "doesn't love themself". I have to say that I agreed....and then....I took this road above and thought you know what? Vicki, I think you are right.....I think it is a total cliche. And I think it is a total cliche....because we never stop loving ourselves.....all we do is feed ourselves this illusion that we can place conditions or limiters on the love that we dispense and receive. And those conditions and limiters....are guess what?....someone else's! Those limiters are from our parents, our grandparents....they are some patterns of being and behavior that we learned through mimicking the adult world around us at some point in our youth....and then default to them at points in our adulthood.

I know I jumped around a little there....but the questions / thoughts were moving so quickly that I wanted to capture them. Thanks for your thoughts & story.

I think for me it just comes down to whether or not I ever feel conflicted in my love for someone. The phrase that comes to me right now is "I love you, but..." which is never there with my children. With others - friends, family, lovers - it does pop up from time to time. Not that I ever say it, but the underlying thought is there. Does that make sense?

Perhaps I'm just not that evolved that I can share that same kind of love with others. Or maybe I could, but I just don't want to because I would feel (perhaps wrongly) that it would detract from the perfect, unconditional love that I do have now.

BTW, having very young children, I'm also receiving unconditional love right now, but I'm not counting on it to stay that way. There's a difference between the love of a parent for their child and the love of the child for their parent. Or at least to me there is. :-)
Hi AGain Vicki, The only thing I can tell you with out having the awareness for you is...when you write of Love you use the word "Conflicted" in the same sentence.
Giving Love is not saying the words "I love You" or hearing the words "I love You".
Opening up your heart, going there to your heart with graditude, caring, giving, and all the attributes and characteristics of love is and then sharing that is real giving of love to others.
When you do this, you connect to the Source/Universe/God and the love flows ever so perfectly. This is where the Source of Love is. You invite love in.
When conflicted, you are disconnected from Source/Universe/God.
Identifying with what disconnects you, you then arm yourself with the energy/frequency/vibration to stay connected.
It made me sad to hear that you are not counting on receiving unconditional love from your children in the future. have you ever asked yourself why.
Remember you are a reflection of the love you give.
Sending you blessings, Jilly


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