The 100 Day Reality Challenge

What were Your Defining WOW- Moments/?... PLEASE share Your Stories--

Okay .. Mine were watching and seeing Elvis. All his Movies . Still in Love with Him.. Watching and seeing Barbra Still Love HER!! ALL HER MOVIES
Watching Great Figure skaters... Reading the Book- The Power of Positive Thinking.. and reading the Book.. You can Heal your Life- Louise Hay.. and How to Win Friends and Influence People Dale Carnagie/ watching Hour of Power Robert Schuller.//Joyce Myers/ and LOve Love Marianne Williamson.. Got introduced to Unity/ andScience of Mind Churches... Loves Holistic- Mind- Body-Spirit- universal Principlas..
Watching Motown -50- Micheal Jackson his moonwalk!-WOW!! - .
Travelling to Florida- California Universal Studios- Hollywood.. Almost got married there in Vegas
and moving to a nice city with Beauty/ Culture,nice scenery, boats, Romance- Boardwalk.. Inspiring Nature..
Loved being close to the US.. My best friend was from the States.. She is Inspirational.. Love Audrey Hepburn.. Dean Martin.. the Rat PAck.. Love Music and Dancing.. Also I enjoy Soaps.. Like Days of Our Lives/As the World Turns and Young and the Restless.// LOVE LOVE LOVE Musicals My Fair Lady- Sound of Music. / Hello Dolly Love the Secret.. and LAw of Attraction..

Love Beauty/ Holistic Health, Wealth Manifestation- Science Etc..,
Love Romance and Love, Peace, Joy, and Beauty and Harmoey- Respect/ Kindness.. Spirituality
So, this I beleive has had some Influence on ME!!! Also enjoy Talk shows .. and Entertainment Shows.. and Tranformation Shows.. Like Style By Jury and Extreme Makeover and American Idol.. and Dancing with the Stars
I am a Sagittarius... Love Love- Psychology!!
Also for Career took "TRUE- Colors" by Carolynn Kalil I am a Blue-Green Orange.. \
I want to Help Heal, Entertain, Guide, Inform others to be all they can be!!!

Share Your stories...
Love Kelly :)-

Share your WOW- HA HA- Defining Moments

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