The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hello all! I've been having a roller coaster of a 100 Day Challenge and today is only my 5th day. Admittedly I've been on this roller coaster ever since I decided that myself and my integrity are number one in my life. This means that when I find I am not doing something that makes me happy, feels good or fulfills on my wildest dreams, then I wrestle with it for a while until I can throw it out and replace it with something that feels great, makes me happy and fulfills my dreams! This has been rough to say the least, but my life hasn't been the same since I started 5 years ago!
I just came across this question in Lilou's book "I Lost My Job... And I Liked It" (direct quote, page 126):
"'What would you do right now if you were not afraid, and if you were guaranteed to succeed in whatever you chose to do with your life?'
Take a moment now to think about that... What would you do if you could do anything?" Answer that question!

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I would create a center for people to come and be healed, talk about healing, participate in healing, and anything else related to healing. It would be open to everyone, would be self-sufficient, and have classes running all the time. It would be open to all types of healers, and be owned by a group of people dedicated to having the world healed. It would combine healing practices form around the world and allow for healers also to be supported financially. It would have farm therapy and animal therapy, which I would be in charge of! It would also be in a beautiful place! A tropical paradise that would also be accessible. I would have the ability to sponsor many people to come and change their lives who might not otherwise be able to, by donations and gifts.
This is my vision!



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To get started, best is to download this mp3 of CCOR co-founders Sandy, Laura and Lilou

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