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What you see is a reflection of what is on your inside

Ok guys, I have got the point in life where I want to be the best person I can be, I want to be in the present moment with everyone and show and give love where ever I can. I want to be that. I want be how I would like someone to be to me..etc

OK this phrase ''What you see is a reflection of what is on your inside''

I have the matrix vision for picking up any sign of negativity, it's just I have like some sort of radar that goes BEEP ''Negative'' BEEP ''negative'' When some is talking, or behaving a certain way.

Now, I a pretty sure I don't pick this up because I am Negative my self. So for example, I notice a couple talking bad things about someone else behind there back, and there was really no need for this talking behind there back, for the rude commment of this other person, this person they where talking about had done NOTHING to them. And I was thinking to my self a little while ago, because I have just got back from dancing, and I am in one of those thinking about the why's and how moods. And to be honest I have no one to speak to about this deep stuff in real life, well at least not anyone that know what there talking about.

Now any way I thought about '' ''What you see is a reflection of what is on your inside'' and I was thinking to my self am I like them... then it dawned on me, at my dance class that there is one older women that I would rather not dance with, because she smells lol. I know, I know. But it kind of puts me off you know! lol. Well tonight I had to dance with her, and I was old god, ok, I spose I have to. And I danced with her and I just got on with it. And she kept telling me to relax, saying that I am all up stiff.

Now I dont know if I was just like that because I was dancing with her, or I do actually dance like that, but no one has ever said that to me before, even the dance instructors. So anyway, I felt I didn't want to dance with this woman because she smells, funny how this sounds, this is serious matter OK!  :) Anway, so I was thinking to my self, I am no diffrent then them people saying bad about that other person that did nothing!

What you see is a reflection of what is on your inside. Okay, so if I, myself was not like them people saying bad about the other person, then would them people not have said that at all? Or would my attention, my reality, would not just pick it up? But they would of still said it. But I would of just not been aware of it?

I am trying to come to terms with this ''What you see is a reflection of what is on your inside''

Wondering, if law of attraction would of just not put me in the situation I heard it, or would I have just not picked it up, or even if the person I heard, wouldn't even have said it?

Or am I not making any sense?

I like to understand things, because I really want to be the best person I can be! After dancing with that women that smelled lol. I sat down with a few others including her, and I became AWARE of what I was doing, I then tried to change what I was doing and be present with her when she was talking, specialy when she started saying I need to relax again. I kind of switched my thinking and said to my self ''Hang on a minuet, I am going really listen to her, I am going to be present with her'' And I took in what she said. And after I  gave her more attention then I normally would.

And next time I will make sure I take much more notice of her, and present with her and treat her how I would like to be treated. I really want to come from that place of my higher self. Even if my senses pick up something that my ego mind does not like you know.

Any thoughts guys?

Thanks for reading! :)

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Hi Teejay,
Let me see if I can shed some light on what you have here. I am not totally clear of what you are asking but I will attempt to reply anyway. If I'm way off base just let me know.
First of all let me just say that I think is is wonderful of you to allow yourself to shift into this awareness. Putting ones ego in check is a difficult thing for many to do. Some just wont because they dont like what they see.
The awareness of the chatter in the group talking neg about someone else was a hugh shift in you. As this might be something you might have engaged in in the past and saw nothing wrong with it. You put yourself on the outside looking at them fuel and refuel the neg and in doing so they all engaged their own EGO. The Ego loves this sort of activity.
In that moment you were seeing a reflection of what you participated in, in the past. As you continue to chose to NOT participate, you will soon find that you will not be in those situation. Those Situations will fade away. You stayed and listened and gave the chatter your attention, something the EGO likes to do also. Instead, you should walk away.
Regarding the Women in your dance class.
You wrote "at my dance class that there is one older women that I would rather not dance with".
In your head you have the thoughts of that WOMEN. In your head you think SHE'S OLD, SHE SMELLS, I DONT WANT TO DANCE WITH HER.
When you think about her, You are ATTRACTING HER TO YOU.
Clear your mind of her.
Some rules I took note of for myself below are aspects of true freedom and elightened living.
Then while doing that which you do...
Do with one of the following...ACCEPTANCE...ENJOYMENT ...or... ENTHUSIASM.
If you cant apply one of the three above to what you are doing...DONT DO IT.
If you are not in the state of either acceptance , enjoyment or enthusiasm, look closely and you will find that you are creating suffering for yourself and others.
These are my thoughts, notes to self etc.
I hope this helps you discover what you are looking for.
Blessings, Jilly
Okay thanks Jilly you are pretty spot on, I appreciate it. It is nearly 3am here. I will ponder what you just wrote.


Jilly, do you know the resources where I can gain knowledge on these in detail? It sounds Eckhard Tollie. Is this right?
I have just noticed how much my EGO is involved in my thinking, I thought I was becoming more of who I really am. My EGO is pretty there alright. I am glad it has come to my awareness.

How does one go about implementing all these principals, laws and rules. Because I have began to realize that there are ALOT of books, with ALOT of information in them, specially after looking at the site

Wouldn't it be awesome if we could just download every book onto our harddrive (brain) Ahhhhhh how nice :)
Yes, your guess was correct. Tolle.
Suggested Reading: A New Earth
This is a great start....Best Wishes...J
hey teejay
don't panic! the more light you have in your life, the more aware you become of the negative.that's it! I have heard it said by many great spiritual teachers. it might be different if you were directly attracting negative experiences into YOUR life... ie., if you had a friend who betrayed you by talking about you. but that's not the case. with that said, you have the right to be near whomever you want. it doesn't make you any less spiritual or reflect a dark side in you just because you have preferences. and we can't like everyone! and nothing is really good or bad, they're just things. happy day!
Yeah your right Brandy, lol.

I felt that I was reacting to her smelling, even after I finished dancing with her. I noticed my interaction with her afterwards, was my reaction towards her was in the bad. As if she just had this one bad vibe of stinking, which made me act differently towards her. Which when you really think about, is nothing, it does not make them a bad person. To which, there is no bad or good, there just things.

I am still getting my mind around this EGO thing, because surly you need some ego right? I mean because, I feel that If I had no EGO, I would go live in a Forrest and grow my hair and beard and just not care about anything and be happy.

Isn't EGO, wanting to wear nice clothes, get a nice haircut, look good? I have not being training for a while but every time I think about gaining muscle mass again, and train to get a nice body. There is apart of me that thinks that's EGO because obliviously I don't just want to look for myself, but for how other people perceive me.

Anyone got any thoughts on this that can spread some light?

It's the smallest things that bring the biggest epiphany's
LOL...Teejay...thanks for making me laugh...I love that "living in the forest thing"
Taking care of yourself is not EGO. When you wear nice clothes that is not your EGO.
EGO is when you wear nice clothes to EMPRESS someone including self.
lol...laughing at the Beard and long hair thing
Let me point out or turn this around for you.
Growing your hair long,growing a beard and living in the forest doesnt mean you will be free of your ego.

Thanks for making me smile.... Jilly
Thanks Jilly, glad I made you smile :)

Okay I am getting there! lol. So, it's only ego if I want to do something or act a certain way to Empress other people.... even my self! lol. So me buying something, that I want and desire, is EGO? or only when it's for someone else AS WELL. How do you empress your self?

I am understanding more, for example; I have been growing my hair now, and I want to grow it longer. So far it's the longest I have been from getting it cut short. Now, I want to grow it for me. And there is apart of me that keeps creeping back, making me think I should get it cut, because I look better. But I have noticed that I think that other people will think I look better. And since I have became aware of this, I realized that this is my EGO. To which I have not got it cut, because If I did it would be because my ego thinks that I will look better to other people.
If what you buy aids you in strutting around like a peacock...that is ego. If you buy something such as a pair of nice quality pair of pants to wear, not to empress yourself or others that is not ego. You need to detach yourself from FORM/STUFF.
yeah, I'm laughing too! we need ego on this physical plane. it's not bad or evil, or smthg non-spiritual. this is why I appreciate the work of ppl like wayne dyer, who says that we don't need to rid ourselves of an 'evil ego.' and like abraham hicks says, ego is the reason we have any desire at all! and that's what we came here for... to be selfishly happy :) :) :) and prompt others to do the same. ego is what drives us to want to feel good, which keeps us in touch with our spiritual nature. and jilly is right, living in the froest would not rid you of your ego... you'd probably compete with the apes for top spot, you know? :)

So we need! EGO then!!
I have been thinking EGO is bad for some reason lol.

So we just need to be aware of our ego, so that it don't get out of control, to the extreme level and control our life and make us do really unnecessary things. Like buying 3 Lamborghini's instead of 1? to just look cool.
No Teejay. We need to rid our EGO. The EGO who is in charge of most is what is wrong with this world.
I disagree. We need to rid our EGO...this is what is wrong with this world.


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