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What you see is a reflection of what is on your inside

Ok guys, I have got the point in life where I want to be the best person I can be, I want to be in the present moment with everyone and show and give love where ever I can. I want to be that. I want be how I would like someone to be to me..etc

OK this phrase ''What you see is a reflection of what is on your inside''

I have the matrix vision for picking up any sign of negativity, it's just I have like some sort of radar that goes BEEP ''Negative'' BEEP ''negative'' When some is talking, or behaving a certain way.

Now, I a pretty sure I don't pick this up because I am Negative my self. So for example, I notice a couple talking bad things about someone else behind there back, and there was really no need for this talking behind there back, for the rude commment of this other person, this person they where talking about had done NOTHING to them. And I was thinking to my self a little while ago, because I have just got back from dancing, and I am in one of those thinking about the why's and how moods. And to be honest I have no one to speak to about this deep stuff in real life, well at least not anyone that know what there talking about.

Now any way I thought about '' ''What you see is a reflection of what is on your inside'' and I was thinking to my self am I like them... then it dawned on me, at my dance class that there is one older women that I would rather not dance with, because she smells lol. I know, I know. But it kind of puts me off you know! lol. Well tonight I had to dance with her, and I was old god, ok, I spose I have to. And I danced with her and I just got on with it. And she kept telling me to relax, saying that I am all up stiff.

Now I dont know if I was just like that because I was dancing with her, or I do actually dance like that, but no one has ever said that to me before, even the dance instructors. So anyway, I felt I didn't want to dance with this woman because she smells, funny how this sounds, this is serious matter OK!  :) Anway, so I was thinking to my self, I am no diffrent then them people saying bad about that other person that did nothing!

What you see is a reflection of what is on your inside. Okay, so if I, myself was not like them people saying bad about the other person, then would them people not have said that at all? Or would my attention, my reality, would not just pick it up? But they would of still said it. But I would of just not been aware of it?

I am trying to come to terms with this ''What you see is a reflection of what is on your inside''

Wondering, if law of attraction would of just not put me in the situation I heard it, or would I have just not picked it up, or even if the person I heard, wouldn't even have said it?

Or am I not making any sense?

I like to understand things, because I really want to be the best person I can be! After dancing with that women that smelled lol. I sat down with a few others including her, and I became AWARE of what I was doing, I then tried to change what I was doing and be present with her when she was talking, specialy when she started saying I need to relax again. I kind of switched my thinking and said to my self ''Hang on a minuet, I am going really listen to her, I am going to be present with her'' And I took in what she said. And after I  gave her more attention then I normally would.

And next time I will make sure I take much more notice of her, and present with her and treat her how I would like to be treated. I really want to come from that place of my higher self. Even if my senses pick up something that my ego mind does not like you know.

Any thoughts guys?

Thanks for reading! :)

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Thank you Carla for sharing your journey.
Yes Meditation is the key. There is however a key within the key. Meditation and the pratice of the stillness brings about a learned/practiced/awareness of the stillness that we all once had at the begining. Something that was lost.
Meditation as one key, helps one find that other key.
It brings about an awareness of the stillness in everything you do. Once you find that mediation stillness , find it also in your daily activities. There is a stillness in every moment of your form life.

And yes, the discovery of your DNA, is to come ever so close to our Source/God /Universe.
This awareness was also faded as if looking thru clouded glass. The knowledge one seeks to understand makes the clouded glass clear again.
My dear friend, you are wise in your advise to others.
Blessings to you my kindred spirit...Sending you much Love, Jilly



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