The 100 Day Reality Challenge

(WARNING: Mature matter content ahead)

I've decided that I am going to practice, slowly appreciating each day as i will practice living as if my soulmate and I are already together as well as many other exercises laid out in Arielle Ford's The Soulmate Secret. With this being explained. She mentioned that her readers should have as much FUN as they possibly could while waiting patiently for their soulmate.

So as I am patiently waiting for my soulmate, I just recently hooked up with this girl. Let's call her "Wynita". I'm keeping her real official name classified for privacy purposes. For real, for real, it is her who has the crush on me, so I decided to not turn away from her just because of the sake of meeting my real true love. Wynita doesn't of course meet all the criterias as laid out on my "perfect girlfriend" list but she does have large breasts which drew me to her to begin with.

In the Soulmate Secret, Arielle stresses the importance of doing all those things people say that they are going to do AFTER their soulmate has arrived and has insited that we should do those things while they are NOT here yet. I do open my mind to learning something new and we were making arrangements of going to the movies with her. Well, Wynita and I were flirting via the phone on the bus ride home from school. That's one thing. But there are just some things that i DEFINATELLY WILL NOT DO until my real mate has arrived. Wynita wanted to kiss me after I talked about the whole "caressing and holding" thing.

I will NOT allow her to kiss me.
I will NOT kiss her.
I will not have sex with her and I will not marry her!

The thing is, if Wynita just fit one certain little criteria on my ideal list that she doesn't fit and cannot fit, I wouldn't mind going the extra mile with her. I mean, I am becoming intimate with Wynita. It's just that I can't go too deep down and intimate with her because as I have never been kissed or gave a kiss by a woman in my life (except for my parents but that doesn't count!) I insisted that my first kiss be exchanged from my soulmate which Wynita is NOT. Anyhow, am I doing the right thing? I would've thought based on the teachings from Arielle's book that I should be single and opened for a relationship. I can't say I'm single but am open for a relationship with my one true love when that real, right lover appears. But then, I don't wanna just dump Wynita just because the soulmate appeared right then and there! Wynita (not her real name) is just the substitute to cover for my real soulmate until she arrives and I was wondering if I was doing the right thing?

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Your not hun. AS I said before you are waiting for "Perfect" and "Soulmate" and "Perfect Soulmate" all of which dont exist. You are spending so much time looking for something that is not there that you are missing all that is.
Not only that, You are doing Wynita (I realize thats not her real name) an injustice. So stop it. Stop this silly little game.
I love you Amir and want to see you grow past this silliness.
Oh and by the way. If you are looking for large breasts, you are also bargining for a gal with horrible back pains for the rest of her life. There are health problems associated with large breasts. So she won't be so perfect after all.
Now Jilly,

I love you too and everything and I mean not the slightest of disrespect but I'm gonna be up front with you and tell you you're wrong. I have no "silliness" to grow past.

Yes there is a such thing as "Perfect Soulmate" and I firmly believe and know she's out there, waiting for me as well!

And... I wish you well and all but I'm not going to give up my dream of discovering my soulmate just because YOU want me to, or anybody for that matter! It just ain't happenin' and if you have trouble finding yours, too dang bad but you ain't stoppin' me and I can't wait to prove you wrong!

If it can happen for Arielle Ford and for others who manifested their soulmates into their lives, then the same can happen for me too!
did you see my interviews on soulmates?

and the one with Arielle Ford??

Dude, there is no harm in exloring what is out there and learning more about who you are and what you like. I am sure there is a perfect soulmate for you out there (maybe even a few in my opinion), but they might not show up in your life for a month, a year or a few years- there is no way in knowing when you will find them. So have fun with your life- I am not saying be a player and treat this other girl badly. I don't think there is any harm in even being intimate with her a bit if that is what you both want. If I were the girl in her shoes, I would just appreciate you not lying and saying you love me or something. Don't be so hard on yourself. You can find your perfect person without being lonely and waiting around. Just keep sending that message out there, but in the meantime, enjoy what life has to offer!
Wow.. ask yourself this... What if the situation were reversed & it was you that was crushing on this other girl? If she had told you that you are NOT her "perfect soulmate" would you want her treating you the way you are her?
I fully agree with enjoying your life, having friends & doing fun things but not at the expense of some else's feelings. Empathy goes a long way...
I wish you the very best.. :)


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