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I read blogs by co-creator that claim they are being tested. Some even come right out and say that God/Universe/Source is testing them.
God/Universe/Source of all that is does not test us.
We are the ones that attract the test to ourselves.
Whatever the circumstance is that seems to be testing you,... you are the one that attracted that circumstance to yourself.
It is our goal to connect to God and keep unwanted circumstances at bay.

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I agree.
When one is not connected on the high frequency that which the Creator/God/Source operates(operates, for lack of a better word that comes to my mind at the moment), one experiences these dilemmas.
These dilemmas show up when we are in low frequency. When we experience these low frequency moments obstacles show up and we see them as such. When we are in a high frequency we dont see them as obstacles. The obstacles dont exist. They cant exist on that high frequency of Creator/God/Source.
Remember we are co-creators. We create just as GOD does. However the creator GOD only is at a high frequency. We have not mastered this as yet. Notice when you are at a high frequency the obstacles are gone. When you are at the lower frequency they show up. This is getting into the evolution process. Another topic altogether.
They are not tests. And they are not from GOD/Source/Universe.
Im not sure how to discribe them. The word "Shortcomings" comes to mind, but Im not sure if that is my best explanation.
I have heard some call them "do overs". Raise your frequency and try again.
A test represents that you do right or do wrong or that you learn from your misstake and learn from what you did right. Most associate the test with a wrong/bad/misstake outcome. Buts lets be clear that a test can have a good outcome.
Would you say then, that when things go wonderfully, that GOD is testing you? Probably not.
You are not doing wrong or making a misstake. YOU are just at a low frequency while creating.
Have you ever noticed what happens to you when you are at a low frequency and you have a "do over" . It has a ripple effect to an even lower frequency and a downward spiral. However if you stop and realize that it was the low frequency and you try again at a higher frequency the process goes up the spiral. This upward spiral brings on more of the same.
I am hopeful that this makes sence.
Love J


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