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I keep seeing this discussion about how to attract your TRUE soul mate. This would emply that there is a FALSE sole mate.
What do you think a soul mate is.
1. What is a SOUL MATE?
2. What is a TURE SOUL mate a appose to a PLAIN OLE SOUL MATE?
Which leads me to another question. Is there such a thing?
Is there a perfect soul mate? Is this a mate in the partner sense of the word, or just a friend?
AND FOR THE BIG QUESTION? Is it possible to NOT have a SOUL MATE, as in ONE DOES NOT EXIST for me, or you , or anyone.
I love you all, you bring me JOY, JILLY

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My aunt does spiritual response therapy, and sometime ago she told me that really, a soul mate is a person with a soul that is almost identical to yours. Not the personality- I'm talking from a spiritual point of view. It means that both act the same way in situations that put your spirituality to the test.
This person can be anyone, and it can be more than one person. According to that therapy, everyone has at least seven soul mates (I'm not sure about the number) or more. Two or three are close to you and the rest could be anywhere in the world. My soul mates, that I know for sure, are my mom and my best friend.
The thing with soul mates is that they tend to fight a lot, I don't remember why. Really, a soul mate isn't someone you would like to marry or live with. But society refers to your perfect romantic match as your soul mate. The right person for you, that would be the perfect Romeo and Juliet romance. They say there is one for everyone, so maybe if you had a boyfriend, thought he was your soul mate, had a fight and broke up, then he wasn't your true soulmate and the real one is somewhere waiting.
I think there IS a perfect person for everybody, but I don't refer to it as a soul mate because for me that is something else (what I just told you). It's a very nice belief, and if you believe you have a perfect match somewhere than there will be. If you don't, there won't. So you decide =)

Hope I helped
I'm curious about your statement- "situations that put your spirituality to the test". Could you tell me more about what kind of situations are these that you are referring to? Thanks...I'd really like to know.
I understood it not so much as a "test" but as an opportunity to grow, much like when one works out the physical body.

But maybe she means something else. We'll have to wait and see...
Vanessa has some good points. A Soul Mate is someone with whom you decided, prior to becoming physical, to rendezvous for a particular purpose - primarily co-creation. So, as such, it can be your parents, any member of your family, your ex-husband with whom you had a child, your children, your grandchildren, a co-worker, a business partner, your best friend(s), etc. Because of this, it's impossible for anyone to be a "false" soul mate. Even people that challenge us - whom we can't seem to get along with but can't seem to escape from - might actually be soul mates.

At some point, some people - mainly young romantic people - came up with the concept that there was "ONE PERFECT PERSON" out there for everyone. Fact is, no one is perfect. Least of all people who are looking for a perfect person to "complete them" or make their lives easier.

That being said, there could be romantic partners that are "soul mates" in the sense that they share a common path - whether it's for a determined amount of years, or a lifetime. I don't believe there is actually anyone out there that knows for sure just how many of these "soul mates" are out there, but rest assured, it's not just one. I'm guessing there must be at least a dozen.
In his book "The Heart of Love", Dr. John Demartini asserts, "That trying to "get" or "find" someone or something in life is futile, but its a sign of maturity and wisdom when you prepare for a loving connection by realizing your own wholeness." Next he shares with to the reader that our soul mates has already manifested in our life, we are surrounded with qualities that we cherish. This book is wonderful and I recommend it to anyone whether they are single or in a relationship. It is a very involved book that will change your perceptions of relationships.
Hope this helps
Be fruitful ~Heather
Yes! Absolutely!!! It's not about what you can "get" from the other, but what you have within yourself to "give" or "share".

I haven't read the book, but I'll put it on my Amazon wish list for another time. Thanks for the tip!
I agree with the other posts, I don't believe there is One True Soul Mate for each of us.

My experience, when I met my partner I was already in a long term relationship. When we first met, I felt a recognition, almost a voice from within saying 'there you are!' like I had known her for years (or centuries). My old relationship was blown out of the water - it was heading that way anyway. Three years later she is still my favourite person to be around. I do believe in reincarnation, and so I think our soul mates are those souls who we've had many lifetimes and adventures with, who love us, who we feel a deep connection with, and who are learning similar life lessons to us/ with us! However I think its likely our soul mates appear to us in many different relationships - family, friends etc. It seems unlikely to me that anyone would have zero soul mates - why do you ask? Love from Claudia
I agree, I dont believe we all have one true soul mate and in looking for that One true Soul Mate to live our life out with as a mate is futile. I also believe that our journey it to experience who is in our life right now. NOW is the key word along with JOURNEY. It is the SOUL EXPERINCE. The belief that "WE CAN NEVER NOT BE" would hold true in this case. When we are done here, we move on to EXPERIENCE MORE. What a wonderful ride.
YOU asked, "Why did I ask?" make a point. lol...just to make a point.
The point is to stop wasting your energy looking for that that Process of looking you are missing so many opportunities and adventures. The only opportunity you will experience, is being alone, being in the continuous motion of the search,searching for something that doesnt exist. I guess it would be better said that we have many SOUL FRIENDS that we have encountered. We can take joy when they cross our paths so that we might enjoy there company once again in this Journey. Thank you Claudia for sharing your experience of your paths crossing and embracing that familiar face.
Point made...With much love to all my fellow co-creators, JILLY
I like Brian Weiss' books - I'll have to check that one out. Thanks Sylwi!
I thought I would come back and add this. I was reading DeMartini's book and he explains also there is are not such animals as soul mates. FYI...Hugs Jilly
Hi Nicole, I appreciate your reply. I still dont by it. I dont think there is any such thing as a soulmate, romantic or other wise. I think this is an old belief that many are hung up on and keeps them captive in there aloneness. For those that are waiting for that romantic soulmate are wasting there time and missing out on the Journey of life and the opportunities that life has to offer. Still not convinced. Hugs and blessings to you, Jilly
No, Rach, Not being Judgemental. Interesting though that you took it that way, no one else did. And to be clear, I didnt ask what a soulmate was...I asked for those that are members here to DEFINE Soulmate.

I was putting the question out there for all to answer, including myself.
I was not talking about romantically exclusively. However you might draw that conclusion as many discussions started here refer to looking for a mate or the right guy or gal to complete the partnership.
I dont believe the question was to entertain the idea that I believe only in Demartini's view, I just was making note of it.
Calling reference to my reply to Claudia, quoting myself, "I dont believe we all have one true soul mate" "We have many SOUL FRIENDS that we have encountered. We can take joy when they cross our paths so that we might enjoy there company once again in this Journey."
I think this reply is in line with yours regarding that "perfect partner, what ever that means" comment. I agree with you Rachel in that statement and also that Relationships are something that one works at, weather it be romantic/freindships. Its those relationships that are not work that we cherish in this journey.
I have not read any of Demartini's views on money so I cant respond to that.
Thank you Rachel for coming to this discussion to reply. Good to see you. We havent crossed paths in the last week or so. Wishing you well. Love Jilly


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