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I keep seeing this discussion about how to attract your TRUE soul mate. This would emply that there is a FALSE sole mate.
What do you think a soul mate is.
1. What is a SOUL MATE?
2. What is a TURE SOUL mate a appose to a PLAIN OLE SOUL MATE?
Which leads me to another question. Is there such a thing?
Is there a perfect soul mate? Is this a mate in the partner sense of the word, or just a friend?
AND FOR THE BIG QUESTION? Is it possible to NOT have a SOUL MATE, as in ONE DOES NOT EXIST for me, or you , or anyone.
I love you all, you bring me JOY, JILLY

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hi! I think this might answer you questions and if the video below does not, then refer to this entire playlist of interviews i did with some top relationship, soulmate and life partners specialist...

Thank you for posting Lilou!
If someone can help me, I didn't understand the name of the book that Sonia said:...diaries of..?
Tks Lilou for adding this.
Personally, I believe a soul mate is someone with whom you feel a deep connection. This can be possible with men, women, children, friends, lovers, etc. Thinking that there is only one true soulmate out there for me feels like a romantic fantasy. I agree with the poster who stated this belief causes us to miss out on many opportunities in search for "The One". Believing that you will be attached to one person your whole life and neither of you will change nor will your love is unbelievable, to me. I think it causes much pain, trying to force and hold on due to this belief. Open your arms, and your heart, and let love flow in - and out - and in. :)
Ditto...Thanks Riki for your reply...Love Jilly
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Soulmate....i have been searching for my soulmate for the past 25 or so years...I am very lucky to have some wonderful and amazing people in my life, but i can say with certainty that i have not yet met my soulmate. How can you desire something with all of your heart and at the same time keep it away.

I know now that loving yourself first is the most important, and i am certainly working on that, but what more can a person do to allow her into his life.

I`ve heard about a million times..."You will meet her when you least expect it" There have been many times that i have "Least expected it" and she still hasnt shown up....

I go on many dates, so it isnt a matter of being in the house and hoping the doorbell rings. Anywho, just putting it out there for anyone`s comments.

Hi Patrick, I have said this a million times over and over again, we all have many soul mates. When we contract into our physical lives here on earth we do so for the purpose of learning and growing. I try to tell people that... your life long partner might not be a soul mate. It might be an individual that has a lesson for you to learn. A lesson you might not have learned yet. A do over to coin a phrase.
When an individual sits around waiting for a soulmate for a life long partner, he or she might be waiting a life time and that person might never show up. You might consider that you were not ment to have a soul mate as a life long partner. Stop that search and embrace all the wonderful people that the Universe/God/Source of all that is, has put in your path. All this waiting could be causing you to miss a that could be enriching your life in ways you can't even imagine.
Blessings, J
Hi just popped in to read mail and stuff. Im still fishing while computer is being looked at.
Love you all...Hugs J
Um very interesting Nicole! Made me think!
Hi Hi are you?
Well for me and this is totally off of the subject( sorry Jilly:)) I was wondering if today would bring a special day ( NOT THAT THEY ALL ARE NOT!!! :) but I notice we are at 10.10.10.!!!
Anyway much love to you all.... nice to catch up with you xxx
ps anyone have anything special happen today???!!!
Peace and love x

Peace and love x


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