The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I keep seeing this discussion about how to attract your TRUE soul mate. This would emply that there is a FALSE sole mate.
What do you think a soul mate is.
1. What is a SOUL MATE?
2. What is a TURE SOUL mate a appose to a PLAIN OLE SOUL MATE?
Which leads me to another question. Is there such a thing?
Is there a perfect soul mate? Is this a mate in the partner sense of the word, or just a friend?
AND FOR THE BIG QUESTION? Is it possible to NOT have a SOUL MATE, as in ONE DOES NOT EXIST for me, or you , or anyone.
I love you all, you bring me JOY, JILLY

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Hi Paulina, I hope you find this discussion. I think you will find the comments and replies interesting.

Love, J


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