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Hello everyone! Hello Co-creators! This question may sound strange since we are Co-creators but...... I was wondering about the art of creation of our lives.
In many books and here we can read that we are creators of our own reality.We are co-creators here! And I do not doubt it! But I was thinking about it on a deeper level.
To what extent do you guys agree with it? There are some things we can influence and some we cannot.
How many per cent are you responsible for the things that happen to you? 50%? 99% 100%???

And another question connected with this issue is, since we are ( to a certain extent) creators of our own reality do you agree with this qute by Louise Hay: ' you create everyone in your life' and how do you interpret it?

I have had some discussions about it with my friends, I am really curious about your opinions!
If you meet a murderer on your way home, have you created this murderer?
What about war? Fortune? soulmate?

Why do we like Mr X and we do not like Mr Y? Is it that they created us to like him and do not like him?

All comments appreciated!

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Laughing my butt off here. Alec you are doing a lot of thinking today.

RE: you said " There are some things we can influence and some we cannot"...

WRONG. You can influence all not just some, however it is your choice.

RE: you said "How much percent are you responsible"

You are 100% responsible for your own reality.

RE: you said "(to a certain extent)...

WRONG...we are not creators to a certain extent. Plain and simple WE ARE CREATORS to all extent. We create everyone in our lives.

RE: you said"if you meet a murderer"

You didnt create the murder or his action. You just created MEETING HIM. As for war, we all create it as a collective. AS for Soulmate, I dont believe there is any such thing as a soulmate.

RE: " You said why do we like Mr. X but not Mr Y?"

I believe it is an illusion, you like both and should be loving both with unconditional love.Dont forget who ever you bring into your life is your created reality, so both Mr x and Mr y was what you created.

Again My opinion...Love Jilly

Oh Jilly, my Angel...I really love your comments! They really amaze and inspire me!
1. Do children in Africa create hunger? ( I surely cant say to such a child: you create your own reality!)
2. Did Jews create concentration camps?
3. I believe I have influence on a part of things in the world ( 'WE' have more influence than 'I')
4. Did you influence for example your sex and nationality? ;) ( I didnt)
5. QUOTE: WRONG...we are not creators to a certain extent. Plain and simple WE ARE CREATORS to all extent. We create everyone in our lives.
QUOTE:You didnt create the murder or his action
QUOTE:We create everyone in our lives.
QUOTE:Dont forget who ever you bring into your life is your created reality, so both Mr x and Mr y was what you created.
6. I agree that there is no such person as a soulmate.

All this is a very complicated matter. Hugz
I just knew this was coming. This is where I have been researching the Global effects of the Law Of Attraction. If we are all one and we all think a certain way we are creating our reality on a GLOBAL SCALE.
Example: Those CHRISTIANS that believe that in Revelations and believe that it will come to pass...they are creating this reality on a GLOBAL SCALE. I read much about this effect on the earth as well. Researh is in progress focusing its attention on the Global EFFECT on the EARTH. Did you know that our frequency collectively effects the earth’s ionosphere. If you would like a link to read more about his I will be glad to provide it. Im laughing a bit here, because Alek, you just answered your own question. The answers all seems to be inside you. You answered both number 1 and number 2 WITH Number 3.

1. No Children in Africa didnt create there own hunger...The collective in there reality did.

2. No The Jewish didnt create concentration camps (saying this very respectively) The Collective in there reality did (Hitler and his followers).

3. You are absolutely CORRECT...WE does indeed have more influence than I It becomes the Oneness/Collective of the Universe. The collective in your reality. In this you have answered your question one and two.

4. Believe it or not, I believe that you did chose your sex and nationality. You contracted to be who you are. This is a soul journey for you. Remembering that you can NEVER NOT BE. I believe that you will continue to grow and experience. You have BEEN before and you will BE again.

Alek, as you come into your Awareness of the Universe, it will become less and less complicated, and you will connect in LOVE. AS long as you call it will continue to be so.
Love Jilly
So, if you've created something highly unpleasant like meeting a murderer, being abused, dunno something really serious like that also hard to get over and trough how do you undo it? How do you release it and create something new?
Hi Again,
Many of us WORRY incessantly. I can make a list a mile long, about how people worry about something bad happen to them. Some don't even know what the heck they are worrying about. Some dont even realize the consequence of the worrying. Go ahead and worry about something bad happening to you and it most definately will. The measure of the bad thing is up to you. I know some people that are emersed in bad thoughts. I actually have a difficult time being around them. Im not saying that they wanted the BAD THING to happen to them, but by vertue of the law of attraction they brought it to them. I invite you to also read my reply to Alek above. Love Jilly
Hi Aleksandra
Your on a roll with this and the other discussions you have posted, very thought provoking in the fact that there will be a range of opionions based on ones personal beliefs.

Mine is this, that we are all part of a single source and as such, as we make our way to and from that source we choose the experiences we have while here in the physical.

Therefore, yes, we create our reality when we decided to become a pysical form on this earth. We are also creations of other peoples reality. We may choose to be part of another persons physical experience here on earth. We draw people to us, and we are drawn to other people.

A collective consciousness may have more influence than a single minded consciousness, however, a single mind can make big things happen with the right amount of passion and belief, Hitler is a perfect example of this. No, im not saying he was perfect nor am I saying that the experience was a good one, however, it was a great lesson in being more responsible, it brought to light the fact that he was able to do what he did because no one stepped in earlier.

Groups like the 100day challenge are important because they bring together a collective, the more positive the thoughts of that collective, the more positive the experience for each individual of that collective. Beliefs are funny things, what we may think is wrong to us may be completely right to others. An example, at some point in history witches were thought of as evil and were burnt at the stake, now they have groups world wide and are accepted by most.

The fact that starvation still exists could come from a number of manifestations. Those children may be a lesson in gratitude for the rest of the world. They could also be a manifestation of the feelings of the collective, the feelings of lack, of not having enough to survive, of always wanting more. Perspective is a funny thing,

Im so grateful for this post and I look forward to reading more and more about what others feel is right for them. I would love to know the reasoning behind such ideals. How does one come to these conclusions of creating ones reality. May we all create what makes us happy, whatever that may be!

Much luv
Thank you aeroney for your opinion, I really appreciate.You give us interesting insight!
You wrote beautiful things here.
Thank you! I send you love, Alex

I'm new here and I like you discussions on this matter. Has anyone answered any of your Questions Yet? If they have can you share them with me cause I'm interrested in getting others opinions on the matter. I talked this same thing over with my husband and we both worried about some of the things you also has asked about?

Thanks Barbara
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100% 100% 100%
we create actively or passively
before we come into life and while we're here
we choose to experience certain things
we attract things by vibration
if you vibrate wellbeing you get wellbeing
if you vibrate other you get other




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