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I have been a raw foodist for probably 7 days and I had lost about 11 pounds. I picked back up the meat like a bad girl and have been eating it for 5 days. (total 12 days) Back to raw now.

I consider raw food a great way to lose weight, but what is weightloss without getting in shape and reshaping your body? What kind of work outs do you guys recommend. (I need to strengthen my knees and anckles before I begin anything rough.)

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The only way to really shape your body is to incorporate strength training into your workouts. I completely changed the shape of my body by lifting weights. I am at the same weight I now that I was 2 years ago,but look like a fitness model, at 48!! if you only do aerobic exercises, you will just become a smaller version of yourself. You need the muscle, especially as we get older we lose muscle, that's why older people can be thin but still look flabby. You don't have to lift heavy weights. I got a lot of muscle definition doing yoga.

I think a raw food diet is healthy and many people lose weight with it, but a 100% vegan raw diet was not for me. I don't eat meat but I started losing muscle, and it is difficult to get a lot of protein in a raw vegan diet. In the off season I am mostly vegan, I eat about 60% raw, but I get my protein from cooked grains (quinoa is a complete protein), beans and supplement with protein powders (but I am an athlete so I need more protein than the average person.) We don't need nearly as much protein as the average person thinks we need, and you don't have to get it from animal products. I've found that what I ate made a big difference in how I looked as well as how I felt. But everyone is different and some people thrive on a raw food diet. I even know bodybuilders and power lifters that are mostly raw foodists (not 100% though).
I don't think it's "bad" to eat something besides raw food , however meat may not be a good choice. maybe your body was craving protein? Next time eat a bit of cooked grains or beans.
If you do eat meat, make sure it is organic, you don't know what kind of hormones are in those commercial meats.
Bottom line, it's my opinion that people need to try different things and make that decision on their own. I wanted to embrace the raw food lifestyle but it didn't work for me. I still think eating raw is very healthy, and not just to lose weight. I still go all raw for short periods of 3 to 4 weeks a year for detox purposes.
Thanx for your reply. How do I build up my knees and ankles. They feel really weak?
Thanx for the love. I will incorporate the knee bends and ankle twists.
I agree, conditioning is key for preventing injury. Have you tried any yoga, if you take a nice low key yoga class i bet you will gain some strength in your joints from all of the balancing poses. Also, I can create some vlogs on youtube with some example conditioning exercises.

Also what has helped me go from being on the SAD diet (standard american diet) from being vegan is: making it a gradual transition and incorporating more and more of the new foods... it makes me feel less like i'm missing out on the other foods too (plus it gave me the time to learn how to prepare different types of food.

You are awesome Gerlaine, you can do anything you put your mind to :D
Thank you love! I have to replan my raw food journey. :) I can't wait to see your videos. I really need to build my joints.
I have flat feet. Maybe orthodics will be a good answer. I have thought of that, but never truly considered it! Thank you!

Anybody up for raw challenge these days? 



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