The 100 Day Reality Challenge

We already have a big Vision board, but it's so big that it would be difficult to cover completely. Is there any method neccessary to following, or rule of thumb when it comes to the vision boards? We're cutting out things we in magazines, newspapers, and media like that. I think I'll hit a travel agency for posters or catalogs of places I'd like to call a second home. Meditation and visualzation can be done at the same time, and video journaling sounds interesting. I already know I'll be keeping a journal with me everywhere and take it every place I go.
I would love it if someone had a few suggestions as far as, well everything, but books is what I could use to go deeper into finding mentors.

Right now what is going on in my head is the little voice telling me that, " you're not going to do this, ya know." I think my subconscious is well aware that I'm about to make some changes; I'm going to shake things up a lot. Well I guess the challenge with my mind has begun without the official start of The 100 day challenge; my brain has started without me.

Here are some of my/ our goals:

- Manifestation of Health, Wealth, Love, Success (with specifications of course)
- Quit smoking
- Obtain a well paying job
- Get engaged to my Angel Face (I know....I stole it from "Happy Days")
- Improve re-establish our credit
- Purchase a purchase our first house

This 100 day Challenge and this community is what I've been searching all over the internet to find. Thank you for being here, thank you for believing here, and thank for achieving here because friends and/or family tend to feel left out, left behind, and somewhat jealous. In a nutshell, they are negative.

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Hi there its inspiring to have contact with sooo many people from around the world such a blessing, I see that you intend to become a non smoker Well done to be thinking about this process I became a non smoker 11months ago its just such a freedom for me., I read Allan Carr "Easy way to stop smoking" it was amazing and really does work his book is so realistic and he teaches you to say affirmations every time you think that You need a smoke the affirmations are so powerfull. This method really works for me and the universe supports me, in the past when I attempted to stop I would still miss smoking at times it never went away like it has this time I don't miss smoking at all its a miracle I'm so blessed " I AM FREE" I give thanks of appreciation every day, I hope this helps I send blessings to you from New Zealand. Cheers SoniaJ



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