The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Please your manifestations as they come here in this discussion group!!

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I have manifested 3 books that are brillant. second hands book that are alking about how to live successfully.
I have also manifested so far the right people and conversations, so aligned with my end goals.
I have manifested an open conversation with my youngest child and a trip to Florida to see her (super discount tickets, too!)
I have manifested a wonderful coaching relationship.
I have manifested a real commitment to the 100 day process.
I have manifested a wonderful teacher for meditation and Jin Shin Jyutsu.
I am manifesting a more joyous, trusting attitude.
I am so very gateful
this might sound extrange but this is my little manifestation, so here it goes. on my vision board I am placing pictures of "fancy" little things that I would like to buy if it goes on sale or I placed a Morocan oil pic (hair conditioning) I went to d store just to touch it(real visualization!) the young woman behind the counter told me that the oil is GOLD for the hair so I reply I can not afford it right now..($42) I'll be back after the holidays so she responded " I want u to have it, I give you my employee discount 40% off" I almost scream out lound "thanks Universe"!!!!!!
I also manifested to attrach the right people to introduce me to a home base biz something that I would love and believe it. well it happened, I am excited to start my new homebase biz!
I manifested... One of the jobs I was asking for. Many inspirational ebooks to help me along the way.. .. More students for my yoga classes. More money!

I am very grateful to have found this community!
I manifested a new friend on skype that can help me with web design for my business.
I manifested a perfect day with my sister.
I manifested the perfect parking space and table by the window to watch the heavy big snow I manifested.
I manifested the owner of a closed store to let us in and offer us an excellent deal on an antique chair.
I manifested 2 almost identical antique wooden ironing boards that I said I wanted back on Dec 8th while I was volunteering on a project at a homeless shelter in Michigan.( At TWO different antique stores in 2 different cities on the same day with my sister!!!!) I bought 1 then:
I manifested the perfect chair at my favorite antique shop. Where I found the second cheaper one I will get later.
I manifested the kids mattresses.
I manifested the perfect coach.
I manifested the perfect mentor.
I manifested a yoga program at the perfect time of day for me.
I manifested being physically, and spiritually well this week.
I manifested money. I got a check for 10$ from an overcharge. A check from an old stock. I found 10$ in my "the Secret" book.
I am finding pennies and dimes every where and I haven't left the house. My Signs from Above.
I manifested music and videos and sparkly cards.
I manifested the name of 2 books that I will read.
I manifested the perfect chair for my sister at the perfect price.
Attracted a massage therapist/Chirpractor on the street where I live.. and a possible Fitness Trainer who is a Reike Master; Loast 165 pounds... Kewl Huh!!! How R U?? Hope Your Well, Lilou
Kelly :)-
Oh Lilou, where do I start...and its only been 7 days.
UpDATE 1/22
2 1/2 more miles of walking every day.
A loss of 2 pounds since the 15th.
A web based business/purchased the Domain.
A walking coach exercise/activity.
20 New friends on this web site.
Drinking 10 glasses of water everyday, two more than my original goal.
I will be sure to update this in 7 more days...Loving this...JILLY
this is an inspiration to me! Congratulation on your manifestations! and determination obviously!
The Sign So check this out....Approx. 1 month ago, I manifested successfully a vision brought before my eyes. I was thinking a lot about joining the 100 Day Challenge but hadn't quite made that leap. It was around noon and I was just about to collect my son and daughter from school. I wandered out to my balcony (I live on the 5th floor)..directly opposite me is a 3 floor appartment. I only have seen a lady on the third floor watering her plants occasionaly. Suddenly I see a male figure sitting out on the floor of the balcony in the lotus position...wearing an orange drape and some sort of hat which reminded me of what the 3 wise men wore in the bible. I stared for a while and I quite honestly could say that I thought it was a Christmas decoration of a wise man fro a nativity scene. He seemed like a statue.....I kept subtly looking to see if I could see him move. After a long time he moved...It was the first time I have ever seen someone meditating like this and I must admit I felt like I was disturbing the peace. It was a beautiful moment , a sign for me which I was attracted to. I never saw him leave and have never seen him since. All I know is that it was my manifestation. I then joined the challenge.
hi cocreators ,
i joined the on the 15th jan
currrently absorbed in richard bandlers book , and a science book ,
also readjusting daily routine to a sensible lifestyle
despite some unsettling news i remained calm and tuned in .
i am praying for a healthy ,wealthy and unforgettable 100 day challenge
I manifested an answer to a question that I was contemplating. I found the answer here on these boards.I also manifested a miracle today, thanks to Sue H.
I have manifested some great fun and empowerment giving some french class! I would have never guess.
I also manifest some inspirations from that.
I manifest some insight about my intentions!...
I manifest some wonderful coach, and books!



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