The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hi Helena, thanks for starting this group, I use eft and love it, although i often 'forget' to use it..!! There has been a lot of mention of eft, from people on the 100 day challenge, it will be good to have this group to swap experiences..

Jaye x

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Very nice to have this group to join with!! I practice EFT, but as Jaye says I do forget about it! I know it works, though sometimes I know I don't use the right set-up phrase or am not connecting to the real issue when I do my "tapping."

I found out about this about 1 1/2 years ago when I began to see an amazing hypnotherapist when I lived in England. I instantly had results and have gone back to it time and again. Right now I am reading the EFT manual from the site I may get the videos, too! It is something that I intend to become proficient at so I can teach others. I think it is an amazingly important tool for the future of humanity!!!! (Can you tell I am into it?). :-)

Thanks Clarissa, you are on the way to an interesting journey! I am proud of you!

Keep Tapping and Stay Delicious!!!

Aloha EFT-ers Co creators!

Yes, many people tell me that they "forget" to use it unless in the deep pain. Therefore, I started the group!
As a professional EFT expert, I have many experiences with clients who overcome traumatic issues. However, the real "bliss" comes from Living a Delicious life! Deciding that we are worth it and having goals that not just "take us out" of trouble, but enrich our lives.

I am so glad you all are here. Please share the invitation and I will be happy to host free telecases to answer your questions and do goal oriented tapping.

I invite you to join "7 Delicious days" e-course, where you will receive one tapping round every day.

Day 1 – Develop a Delicious Perspective
Day 2 – Ask Delicious Questions
Day 3 – Create a Delicious Body (image)
Day 4 – Enjoy Delicious Food
Day 5 – Be Deliciously Courageous and Confident
Day 6 – Design a Delicious Life Balance
Day 7 – Expand Your Human Potential

For manual and more information, please visit Gary Craigs site, he is the founder of EFT. I have had priveledge to be trained by him personally. What a blast!

Sweet Alohas to all of you,
your friend,
Helena Johnson
Great to see you have started this EFT group. I recently went on a 1 day EFT workshop in London and was amazed by the immediate results and how simple it is to get the hang of and put into practice. This is a great tool for everyone to use on a day to day basis to free themselves of 'emotional clutter'. Keep tapping!
Oh wow, I'm so excited to have found this here; hooray! I've used EFT and have experienced some incredible results and would love to learn how to use it more and, as Clarissa noted, to learn better how to find the "real issue" that I need to get to when tapping. But, I want to sign up for your e-course, it sounds awesome! Thanks so much, Helena!!

yes, EFT is great!
I am looking forward to sharing cool stuff with all of you! I will be out of the office for 2 weeks and we will rock in again in the middle of April!

Stay Delicious and happy tapping!
I started your 7day course, and love it! I've never heard of tapping before, or of EFT, but I've always been interested in all sorts of healing techniques. The course is easy to follow, and it really made me feel great! So thank you very much! I've already told my sisters and friends about your course and this site,. :) Thank you!
Thanks Christine!

The more you know about EFT, the better you will feel! it is Delicious!
My greetings to your sisters, friends and cute children from your photo:-)
Happy Tapping!
A few people have asjed where they can learn more about EFT tapping... I learnt about it years ago, but couldn't get my head around it at all... Then I cam accross a video tapping site... it was so much easier when you just watch and copy....

David has about 150 videos on his site, covering dozens of problems, with a full course for weight loss and giving up smoking... It is a membership site but there is a free trial period and its only $19.95 a month....

I have just started using it again... there is a 7 day program that helps you to understand who you are and why we feel how we do... I highly recommend the site for teaching you how to do it properly and there is a support forum where David will answere your personal questions...

Eft was making a huge difference to me, but i let it lapse... I am now back in the flow and checking in to myGenie everyday...


Jaye x
Aloha Jaye,

EFT really makes a difference!
I am so glad that you shared your opinions.
Please let me know how did EFT made a change in your life? What is that you have accomplished with tapping?

Let us know,
im glad you started this group elena! i learned about eft about a year ago and i dont use it as much as i want to so im feeling quite inspired to use eft daily to reach my goals. Im happy to see other people interested too! blessings to all
Aloha Vanessa,

thank you for using EFT again. It does indeed helps in personal performance and goal achievement.
What are your goals?
Keep us posted on how you use EFT on it!



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