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101 Things in 1001 days


101 Things in 1001 days

Create a list with 101 things you want to do in the next 1001 days :) It is fun! It can be the big stuff, but also the little things, make it FUN :)

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Hello lovely visitor :)

Here you can check out my video about my 101 things in 1001 days. Please join and share your list if you like! I think everybody would love to check it out! Don´t forget to have super fun :)))

Here is my blog adress, where you can see an example.

Have a fantastic day! Mimi :)))

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Comment by violeta on March 11, 2018 at 9:26am

61. Pass the latine exam.

62. Pass the last russian course. PLEASEE!!!!!

63. Lie at the beach, enjoy the sun and have a relaxing, wonderful time there.

64. Visit Portugal.

65. Visit Croatia.

66. Visit Tunisia.

67. Go to the cinema.

68. Learn more about cutting and doing good videos.

69. Get professional in doing videos.

70. Go swimming.

71. Study more.

72. Become more assertive.

73. Learn to get up more early in the morning.

74. Spend less money.

75. Face my fears fearlessly

76. Learn to drive again

77. Go dancing.

78. Motivate people to learn german.

79. Motivate people to get better.

80. Listen more to my intuition

81. Improve my house-cleaning-skills.

82. Read books in other languages (Russian, Italian a.s.o.)

83. Be optimistic.

84. Attract thousands of readers, sponsors and followers for my blog and my youtube channel.

85. Sleep more.

86. Get back to shape.

87. Pass every exam and seminar the first try.

88. Ride in an hot air ballon.

89. Be a good mother.

90. Paint some pictures.

Comment by violeta on March 11, 2018 at 7:51am

Hi together, I was long time not online here, and a lot of new things happend, but now I try to make such a list, but it`s not easy... here my try....

Here are my goals for the next 1001 days:

1. Finish my studies with a good mark.

2. Get my Master`s degree.

3. Get my Graduate`s degree.

4. Buy a car.

5. Pay off the car.

6. Manifest some money.

7. Smile more.

8. Go to the nature more often.

9. Do more sports.

10. Lose the belly fat.

11. Eat more healthy.

12. Get a new mac-book.

13. Laugh more.

14. Feel joyful every day.

15. Donate some money.

16. Reconnect with some old friends and visit them.

17. Build a sandcastle at the beach with my son.

18. Visit a lots of new and beautiful places in the whole world.

19. Get a professional massage.

20. Go hiking on a mountain.

21. Watch regularly some videos on youtube, to learn more about myself and enlightment.

22. Read some new books in my freetime.

23. Go more often walking in the park near my house.

24. Be more grateful.

25. Do some youtube-videos.

26. Be successful on youtube with my videos.

27. Earn some unexpected money.

28. Learn more words in my foreign languages.

29. Learn more Russian.

30. Learn more Arabic.

31. Learn more Italian.

32. Do regularly a workout and my body get toned. (at least 2 times a week)

33. Get some new beautiful clothes.

34. Care more about myself.

35. Make a new vision board and watch to it regularly.

36. Cooking more healty food.

37. Enjoy one week in another city.

38. Drive some days with the bicycle. (Long time ago I did this)

39. Go to a spa and get some treatments.

40. Visit a beautiful place.

41. Meet more often my friends and have an wonderful time with them.

42. Love myself and others completly and unconditionally.

43. To laugh so much, every day, that I am moved to tears and my soul is fed by joy.

44. Be respected by the people.

45. Attract good people and good friends.

46. Be more selfconfident.

47. Be grateful for my life and appreciate it every day.

48. Get more organized.

49. Spend more quality time.

50. Give birth to another child (and in future another one).

51. To reach a deeper and more spiritual connection with myself and with my love.

52. Have a good and healty releationship.

53. Get a pet.

54. Move to another city and be happy there.

55. Be joyful every day and have a work that brings me joy.

56. Less work and more quality time with my love ones.

57. Fill my life with art and creativity.

58. To be happy with myself.

59. Be more consequent with my son.

60. Enjoy more my freetime (that is really freetime and nothing other)

For the rest 41 I have to think about more... it is not easy ;) 

Comment by ash~tastic on June 26, 2014 at 4:43pm
53: be completely financially independent
Comment by ash~tastic on June 26, 2014 at 9:52am
29-- I marry him next May in a BREATHTAKING place!!!

And here is goal 52: start a successful blog with my own voice, outlook, tastes, and humor and style, to attract thousands of readers and lots of sponsors. Woohoo!!!
Comment by ash~tastic on June 26, 2014 at 9:49am
4-- Found a GREAT vet!
9-- got engaged to my guy this past January, most amazing ring and feeling :)
13-- made friends' wedding bands!
14-- went to Tennessee and introduced Matt to my loved ones!
11-- published numerous pieces
18&20-- I live an abundant life and love my work
26&27-- I have been much kinder to myself and have been building a wardrobe

30-33... Working on it!
35$36-- in the process :)
39-43-- working on it :)
46-- I sold my first BIG diamond this year!!
49-- one down!
50-- almost done!
51-- it's a process ;)
Comment by ash~tastic on March 13, 2013 at 10:10am

i am in the process of making wedding bands for my friends and my guy and i leave to visit my family in ten days! yahoo!

Comment by ash~tastic on September 10, 2012 at 9:28pm
Here's to 1001 amazing days to come. This is what I hope for by June 8, 2015.
1. Love myself and others completely and unconditionally.
2. Ride in a hot air balloon.
3. Go on an exotic cruise with my love this coming March.
4. Provide my little pups with the best and most complete veterinary care.
5. Successfully sell a line of my jewelry at the wonderful company I work for.
6. Go on a trip with girlfriends.
7. Go for a ride in a Runabout boat in Venice.
8. Sleep under the stars.
9. Become engaged to my love, with the sweetest, dearest proposal and an heirloom-worthy ring.
10. Become top of sales in my company.
11. Have many short stories and poems published, and have a collection/novella/chapbook published.
12. Become an expert in jewelry fabrication and make my husband's wedding band by hand.
13. Make awesome wedding bands for my friends Jim and Laura and be able to attend their wedding.
14. Visit my family in Tennessee and have my guy meet them all, and see the haunts of my childhood memories.
15. Visit my family in California.
16. Travel Europe with my love and see where my grandparents came from.
17. Take impeccable care of myself.
18. Feel joyful everyday and do work that brings me joy.
19. Get tattoos with my love.
20. Live in remarkable abundance and well being.
21. Make $80,000 in a year.
22. Be featured in a magazine for my jewelry and our store.
23. Develop a line of jewelry with my boss to benefit charity and have a charity fashion show to promote it.
24. Have my own shop/studio to work from.
25. Have all of my student loans paid for.
26. Have a wonderful group of friends.
27. Be so confident in and gentle with myself...
26. Build a polished, stylish, professional super fun wardrobe.
27. Decorate our back porch to be a delicious reading and lounging nook!
28. Pay off my car
29. Marry my guy in a wonderful, beautiful, peaceful ceremony full of so much love.
30. Have my house so beautifully furnished and decorated and always feel at home, safe.
31. Earn my GG degree.
32. Have wonderful relationships, with my brothers, their wives, and their children.
33. Practice yoga with dedication, and be able to do headstand!!!!!
34. Visit a castle
35. Live a healthful, soulful, nourishing lifestyle with my love.
36. Nourish my body with incredible nutrition.
37. Enjoy a few weeks in London.
38. Enjoy a few weeks in Paris.
39. Build a fantastic jewelry collection that makes me feel like royalty, that I can one day leave to a daughter, or a granddaughter.
40. Fill my life with beautiful music, art, written word, theater.
41. To laugh so much, every day, that I am moved to tears and my soul is fed by joy.
42. To be respected, to radiate self respect and attract good people.
43. To cover my walls with wonderful uplifting artwork.
44. To present my mother with a grateful sum of money.
45. To sell an FC Tourbillon.
46. To sell a BIG diamond.
47. To win an award for design.
48. To have an amethyst or citrine cathedral.
49. To have both of my dogs' teeth cleaned professionally.
50. To have any necessary dental work performed for myself.
51. To reach a deeper and more spiritual connection with myself and with my love.

I have to think on another 50, but this is a good start I believe...
Comment by Dyshauna Young on September 9, 2012 at 11:39pm

Brain freeze! I can only get to 20..I'm stuck. This list seems impossible to write.

Comment by Alexandra on July 27, 2012 at 7:23pm

Comment by Alexandra on July 27, 2012 at 7:20pm

1. Get back to shape

2. Lose 5 kg

3. Stop overeating

4. Develop more self-discipline in sports and eating

5. Eat less processed food

6. Make many friends

7. Be more social

8. Have more fun in life

9. Go out more

10. Be more appreciative of what I have

11. Like people

12. Face my fears fearlessly

13. Learn to drive

14. Pass the driving license exam

15. Improve my biking skills

16. Improve my swimming skills

17. Run on regular basis

18. Run a marathon

19. Sleep more

20. Smile more

21. Be non-judgmental

22. Laugh more

23. Make people laugh

24. Learn to cook at least 5 new dishes

25. Limit coffee

27. Listen to people more carefully

28. Go to zumba classes

29. Buy a car

30. Pass my beautician exam

31. Become a beautician

32. Work part-time as a beautician

33. Motivate people to become better

34. Have more male friends

35. Learn to play squash

36. Improve the relationship with my mother

37. Learn Italian

38. Go back to Egypt

39. Go back to Paris

40. Go to some exotic places

41. Date the love of my life - MH

42. Become the girlfriend of MH

43. Give birth to 3 children ;-)

44. Have a dog or 2

44. Go to Amsterdam

45. Go on a long biking trip

46. Grow my hair!

47. Be more organised

48. Pay bills on time

49. Go to the US ( NYC or San Francisco)

50. Become more self-confident

51. Become more assertive

52. Listen to my intuition more, not other people

53. Read more books in English

54. Be more supportive of my friends

55. Earn more

56. Spend less

57. Study more

58. Be a good mother

59. Travel around the world

60. Do what I fear

61. Trust men more

62. Learn face massage

63. Learn body massage

64. Learn to get up in the morning

65. Focus more on myself than on what others think

66. Be more sexy

67. Be more careful with details

68. Waste no time

69. Believe in myself

70. Go to Ayo concert

71. Lose the belly fat

72. Be more affectionate with my cat

73. Forgive my mother

74. Establish eye-contact with men

75. Be wiser

76. Have more physical contact with people

77. Listen to my body and heart

78. Be optimistic

79. Be size 34

80. Have much sex

81. Accept myself

82. Smoke pot

83. Dance until 7 am.

84. Learn to dive

85. Learn to enjoy every day and every minute of my day

86. Learn to eat mindfully

87. Visualise myself every day

88. Stop complaining

89. Stop gossiping

90. Pray every day

91. Believe I can be attractive to men

92. Stop caring about others opinion

93. Enroll to a club

94. Go shopping to IKEA

95. Be more persistent

96. Get a new pc

97. Have a great new years eve party

98. Laugh with my mother

99. Get married

100. Live in a big house

101. Improve my house cleaning skills



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