The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I know that I personally have hit a plateau, but that is ok as Tamika says, I am releasing the weight!!! lol (The cupcakes don't help though)

I am .... my perfect ideal weight for me
I am..... healthy and whole
I am..... perfect and love and approve of myself.

Much Love & Many Blessings

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Hi. I will comment.

This season I will be dropping 10% of my body weight rapidly. I have just jumped right in using the best methods I have ever used. Here I will list them and also comment upon what I am working towards in that area.

I have replaced a lot of meals with super green powder, hemp protein, and emergency mixtures. I know the concoction has calories and a lot of nutrition, so I have been using it as a meal replacement drink. Other than that I have been somewhat at a loss about what to eat. Trying to stick with "whole" foods as much as possible and limit my protein choices to free range beef or wild seafood.

I am either getting to the gym or doing some kind of exercise every day. I feel really good about this and feel certain that this one huge change in lifestyle will be the biggest factor in contributing to the changes I am about to make in my body. I have been working on increasing the intensity of my cardio sometimes, other times going easy on intensity and increasing the time I am exercising. I am also doing weight resistant exercises and lot of ab exercises. I plan to focus on increasing my flexibility and signing up for a yoga class.

I am drinking Wu Long tea. I did my research and found a company that provides scientific research and has been in business selling this and many other teas long before the Wu Long weight loss craze. Their own promotional info says that studies have show a 3.8% increase in fat burning- that is not a lot but over the course of time it could be a enough of a help. The tea also helps decrease weight in other ways, such as by supposedly blocking some carbs, and decreasing appetite.

I am listening to my Weight Loss subliminal messages more often and also listening to other guided meditations for weight loss and improved self image.

Finally, I invested in endermologie treatments to break down the fat and cellulite. After just my second appointment I was noticably thinner. Tomorrow will be my fourth treatment.

So this weekend is my first weigh in to see how this plan is working. I will report back.
I have lost 5+ pounds- I say 5+ because I weighed myself at the end of the day, after drinking several glasses and bottles of water throughout the day. That would mean that I may have lost more if I had weighed in in the morning.

I am very happy about this result. That was after just two weeks of applying myself, and the day before I had gone to a barbecue and ate a couple of plates of burgers, coleslaw, seven layer salad, and even a couple of pieces of cake and a cupcake.

The week before I had taken a day off and had some beers, and another day off and just ate a lot of healthy foods.

If I keep up my weight loss at this pace, I might be able to reach my goal of being down 10% of my body weight by my birthday on July 2. I have one month and 9 pounds to go.
My ideal weight is 143 lb (I'm tall :) ). I have to lose another 33 lbs (about 15 kilograms). I've already lost a lot and I feel so good about myself :)
This week I actually had a desert (the first one in 3 months), but I don't feel bad about it :)
I cannot wait to fit in my old clothes :D


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