The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Leave a quick reply to this thread and let us all know what you are doing and how you plan to achieve your 10% goal :)

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Hello! My name is Lisa and thanks so much for joining my group :)! I personally am doing Weight Watchers and exercise to reach my 2nd 10% goal. I lost 42 lbs last year in this club on youtube and it has been much easier with such a wonderful support group. :) I look forward to continuing this on here as well :)

Hree is a link to the video on HOW to get your 10% goal number :)

What is your 10% goal #?
Welcome :) That is funny. A long time ago, I had bought the 10% anchor keychain at a garage sale to use as my goal focus. lol. I am going to pull it out again. Welcome! Thanks for joining, we can release the weight together! - Lisa
Okay after looking at the video and doing the math I am joining.

My 10% goal is 21lbs, which breaks down 2 lbs a week for the next 11 weeks. Very doable!!!!

My plan remains the same as I set before. ...
7 small meals per day (I DO NOT EAT,I need to eat) 2 liquid meals, 2 veggie/fruit and nut snacks and 3 small portion meals
96 oz of water a day
My cleansing and Fasting Program (NEW Moon *3 days* and Full Moon *7 days* and Spring Equinox *3 weeks*)
Working out each morning
Meditation in the AM and PM
Yoga 4 times a week.
Going to bed around 11:30am
Setting Daily intentions ands peaking my affirmations
Keep a daily journal and a weekend art journal

WOW that's a lot HUH?

I've been keeping it so far though!!!

Love is...
That is awesome and welcome :)! 21 lbs is completely do-able! thanks for joining, it is going to be fun to watch you achieve you goal! remember Food is Fuel :-P!

Many Blessings!
Going to bed around 11:30 pm
and speaking my affirmations

Can we do it, YES WE CAN!!!

Love is...
Hi! Not quite sure what my real # goal is. While I think 20, most call me crazy... but maybe I'll just stick to that, and try to 'collapse' my own, and others', doubts too!

What I'd begun doing already is just eating a small salad as one of my meals. Not really too many restrictions on other things, but try to avoid carbs generally -- I try to keep it to two of them a day, without a hard rule.

It seems to work though. Now just to STAY on it! :-)

And to be inspired by everyone here meeting their goals, too, of course!! Thanks + love to you, Lisa!!
You know what? if that is your first goal then that is your goal :) 20 lbs is completely feasable. :) I really think that is a great idea too. Maybe I will try that :) Actually what I do is soup. lol A can at lunch of the Campbell's Chunky. It is really low cal and filling. Salad never sticks with me long unless there is a protein involved! lol.

Thanks for joining!
Many Blessings!
Oh wait, I can't use your math-video to get to 20lbs in any way -- it's just the number I'm choosing; oops! I'll stick with it though and see what happens. I'm excited! I use the small salad because if I think of it that way, I just think, "Delicious!" And it works. Unfortunately the second I think or use the word "diet," I'm starving all the time! Soup is a great alternative though, also low-cal + delicious!!
Okay, I have been looking at this club for a while, knowing that I need to join. So here I am. Weight Loss has been a struggle for me. Scratch that, I'm changing that to , Every morning I wake up lighter and healthier with renewed energy!!!! My goal is 19 pounds. I intend to do Weight Watchers and bellydance, hula hoop,and yoga for excercise. I will commit to excercise 5 days a week for 20-45 min each session. I am also incorporating daily visualization of me wearing my long flowing size 10 white dress on a beach somewhere and also wearing a spectacular mid-drift bearing bellydance costume while dancing at the local medittereanean resteraunt! Let's Do This!
Welcome Sharee!!! I am excited to have you :) - Lisa
Well.. Ms. Lisa, I 've let you down in the past and now the Universe has spoken... ok so first of all, I bought new work out gear, shoes and a used treadmill that I"m gonna get any day now. Now, on to what the universe prescribed.. BRACES.. I've been forced to eat things that will not stick, crunch or stain my teeth so that cuts out alot of JUNK.. so needless to say, I"m sure I'll drop a lot of weight really quickly.. so yes, I am GONNA do it this time... and guess what... NO MORE EXCUSES... As i type this to you, I'm nibbling on baked salmon and a baked sweet potatoe. So, seeeeee... I'm getting there. Love ya!! Kristi

PS.. my arms are getting a good workout too with all the brushing, flossing and waterpiking .... LOL :-)
You could never ever let me down :) Braces DO cut out a lot of those things, so they will help for sure! I am sitting here wondering what I want to eat for dinner. hhmmmmm - Glad you joined! :)


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