The 100 Day Reality Challenge

11-11-11 Starts "100 DAYS"


11-11-11 Starts "100 DAYS"

11-11-11 marks a new beginning. We commit to the next 100 DAYS as such...a beginning of a new day for all participating in physical form here on Earths Plane. We recognize today we are not a physical body with a soul, but rather Soul Spirits with a physical body.

Remembering this simple fact we move forward to the next  100 DAYS, seeking our purpose and embracing our power to create. We will set our intentions to create on the highest levels of energy, powered by Love, Light and Joy. Our success in harnessing this power is already ours.

Hi all my lovely co-creators. Welcome to the group 11-11-11.
Please start a discussion below as I did with your NAME, using that personal area to blog once a day for the next 100 days. You can close or open your discussion blog to comments by clicking on the options inside your discussion area. You can be the manager of this personal blog discussion area.

If you have any questions...please give me a shout out.

I ask that we reserve the comment area for general comments and socializing on different subjects. I also invite you to open discussions relevant to the date 11-11-11 and the welcoming in of the year 2012. Love, Light & Joy, Jilly


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FEBRUARY (((((((((((( DAY 100 2/19 Sunday )))))))))))

Every evening before I log off of Co-Creators, I will be changing this calender to reflect the next DAY. I'm in Pacific Time.

Discussion Forum

♥♥Blossoming B's Season 6 Beatitudes♥♥

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Started by Jill. Last reply by Deb Feb 20, 2012. 256 Replies

Well its 11:11am as I start write this according to my computer. I thought it was fitting to start to put on paper my intentions at the witching hour...lolAs I launch myself into my 7th season here on Co-creators...I look back on the first day I…Continue

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Christine's Corner of Bliss

Started by Christine. Last reply by Hummingbird Love Feb 22, 2012. 237 Replies

Hello, my fellow co-creators. I'm SO excited to get started my manifestations started tomorrow and to follow everyone ele's progress.This is Season One for me and tomorrow, of course, is Day 1. The following is what I intend to manifesting in the…Continue

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Carla's Blog 11-11-11

Started by Hummingbird Love. Last reply by Hummingbird Love Feb 20, 2012. 123 Replies

Day 1 and I have set my intentions at 11:11 on 11/11/11!I am in excellent health in mind body and spiritAll of my relationsips are encirlced in loveMoney and wealth flows to me and sticks to meMy life is joyful, adventurous and purposefulI am…Continue

Dave's Blog 11-11-11

Started by David. Last reply by Jill Feb 19, 2012. 103 Replies

May the next 100 days be prosperous for EVERYONE. I've added one of my favorite books on Prosperity by Charles Fillmore for all that are interested..... It looks like it will only let me upload 3 books..... these are 3 very good books. I hope they…Continue

Desires For A Long Lifetime

Started by Sunny Side Up. Last reply by Jill Feb 19, 2012. 84 Replies

Hi all! It's funny, but lately I've become accustomed to listing my desires "for the next 100 days" and I've forgotten all about my long term desires. Thank you Jilly for reminding me! I will use this blog to list my desires for next year, 5 years,…Continue

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Tracey's Blogging Corner * 11-11-11

Started by Tracey. Last reply by Jill Feb 19, 2012. 80 Replies

This will be my little nook for my daily blogs...I CAN'T WAIT !!!Continue

Eric LaRue's creation blog

Started by Eric LaRue. Last reply by Jill Feb 19, 2012. 63 Replies

Hello, fellow co-creators!  :-D You know what's amazing?  This is actually my first season of co-creating!  And I'm so happy to share it with you!  :-D So here are my intentions for the next 100 days, in separate categories: My Market America…Continue

Mary's Season 1 Blog

Started by Mary. Last reply by Jill Feb 19, 2012. 59 Replies

Claiming this little nook of the web for my first season and the many wonderful things it brings.  My intentions for these 100 days are to find prosperity and balance, be more creative and fun, and grow as a person. This week I have started to work…Continue

A blog by Nikki....documenting my season 2....beginning 11/11/11 :0)

Started by Nikki. Last reply by Jill Feb 19, 2012. 57 Replies

For my first season, my primary focus was on manifesting financial stability.....which is an external thing to focus on. So, for my season 2, I want to focus entirely on my body and overall health. I want to manifest a healthy body that I feel 100%…Continue

Tags: desire, body, Manifest

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You need to be a member of 11-11-11 Starts "100 DAYS" to add comments!

Comment by Jill on October 11, 2012 at 10:18pm

Hi everyone,

The group is confirmed and can be found at the following link.


Today starts day one. Hugs J

Comment by Jill on October 11, 2012 at 6:27pm

Hi all, I started the group, I am just waiting for it to be approved. I will give you the link for the group once I get word it is  approved.

Hugs J

Comment by Blossoming Beauty on September 28, 2012 at 3:24pm

Great to see you all...

Jilly I too have already started...wanting my 100th day to be 12/21/12.

But will comment whenever you get it going.

LOVE the 6s by the way.

Comment by Jill on September 25, 2012 at 2:20pm

Awesome Deb...that will be easy to calculate. You will continue your adventure with us on 10-11-12. You will have already finished 40 days and will have 60 more to go. Great...I look forward to sharing with you for your last 60 days. See you on the 11th.

Hugs J

Comment by Deb on September 25, 2012 at 9:53am

Hey Jilly!  I started my season the 1st of September. We spent every weekend (with the exception of 2) at the lake.  The summer held many wonderful surprises, the biggest and most exciting of which was the engagement of our son to his wonderful girlfriend.

Looking forward to hearing all about the "tweeking" and the store front.




Comment by Jill on September 24, 2012 at 7:51pm

Hey Deb, Heck yeah. I will set up the group on 10-11-12.

I will call it "10-11-12 ~ 100 day group"

Even though you have started Deb you are certainly welcome to join in. Your count down will be a little different but thats ok with us if its ok with you.

Dang good to see long lost friend. Sure missed the heck out of ya. Have you spent a ton of time at the lake?

I've been spending most of my time with the new business. Lots of tweeks to make and plans in my head of the direction I want the company to go. But heck, why am I telling you know what it takes to run a business. I have ideas for a store front...but nothing yet. Ok so keep the 10-11-12 date on your calendar and we will all commence in the new group when I set it up. Darn tooten...its good to see ya. Love J

Off I go to drop BB a line and reply to Christine's email. xoxoxo

P.S. Deb...when did you start your season?

Comment by Deb on September 24, 2012 at 5:13pm

Hi Jilly. I already started my season but hey if you have room here for one more I would love to join.

Comment by Jill on September 24, 2012 at 4:55pm

Hey Rach, Girl how the heck are you? I sure miss the group.

I am so glad this is the direction you would like to take for the 100 days.

I will set up a group similar to this group and on 10/11 we can get started.

Thank you so much for your response.

Hugs, J

Comment by Rachie B on September 24, 2012 at 1:48pm

Hi Jilly!

Thats an absolutely brilliant idea! I'm up for a new 100 days! It had popped into my mind a few times recently, and your email seems like little poke to say yes do it! I'd like to focus on how I can bring more positive energy into my life, i like the info youve put on about your angle of number 6, seems to really fit with what I was thinking!

Sounds great lets do it!!

Much love



p.s is 10-11-12 the 11th of october or the 10th of november? 

Comment by Jill on September 24, 2012 at 12:57pm

Hi Lisa Mae, So good to see you.

I was giving the start date some thought last night. I would like to give members the opportunity to consider this commitment and prepare for the 100 days and the positive abundance outcome it will bring. The date that came to mind will give participants approximately two weeks to consider the commitment. They can ponder their soul purpose and focus on the direction they will take their reality journey. This time will give crerator's the opportunity to make a vision board or to prepare what ever tools they might want to take with them for the next 100 days.

I was considering 10-11-12.

This particular date equals the angle number 6.

The number 6 vibrates to the energies of ownership, possessions and material wealth, love of home and family, care of others and nurturing, empathy and sympathy, responsibility and selflessness, provision and providing for the self and others. Six also signifies the need for stability in all aspects of your life.Six is a message from the angels to keep a balance between your material goals and aspirations and your spiritual inner-self.

Be grateful for what you have already, as an "attitude of gratitude" encourages further positive abundance.

Personally, this it the direction I would like to experience for the 100 days and see where it takes me.

What do you think of the date, idea etc.

Blessings, Jill


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