The 100 Day Reality Challenge

For my first season, my primary focus was on manifesting financial stability.....which is an external thing to focus on. So, for my season 2, I want to focus entirely on my body and overall health. I want to manifest a healthy body that I feel 100% good in. I don't want to concern myself with achieving a certain weight but instead want to manifest a body that "feels" good to me. I want my face and body to have clear & even skin. I want to have 20/20 vision (without having to get LASIK surgery to accomplish that.....just like the example in "The Secret"). I want to have toned arms, legs, etc. and I want to manifest a desire for a healthy eating & exercising regimen that won't bore me. There has been what seems to be an eternal battle with weight and body issues for me but now I want to learn to allow myself to have the body I desire. Looking forward to cocreating with you all :)

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I like how you said..."not concern myself with achieving a certain weight". This is a perfect example of diminishing all limits and placing trust above all. Simply beautiful. Hugs J

Hi Jilly,


Yeah I am definitely attempting to eliminate boundaries and limits because I have found that they usually work against my goals.

Sounds like great intentions to me, Nikki. I don't remember an example in "The Secret" like you mentioned. I will have to watch the DVD again (unless you're talking about the book).

Hi Christine,


The story about the eyesight is on page 134 in the secret book.  I don't remember it being in the movie though, but i need to review the movie again to double check

Day 2 (11/12/11) blog: I have ALREADY manifested some things which is amazing. Since my primary focus is achieving an overall ideal body, I am SO thrilled about the things that have already manifested, which is as follows (1) The only exercise method that I prefer doing is some kind of hot yoga (like bikram yoga). So literally the day before my new season was supposed to begin, my coworker let me know that she is going to be going to bikram yoga every saturday and that she knows the owner of the studio so it will always be free and she invited me (2) This same coworker and I were talking about her plans on what to buy her kids for christmas and I started talking about my wii fit (which I've had for years but rarely use) and she asked if she could play on my wii after her shift was over and (since I am a house manager, where I actually live where I work), we were able to play on the wii fit (including my cheerleading game which I forgot I love so much) so now I'm excited about exercising with the tools I have had all along (in addition to the free weekly bikram yoga). And now we made plans to have a "wii party" every saturday where we do bikram yoga in the morning and do the wii in the evening (before my work shift starts at 10 p.m.) (3) This very same coworker that I now have as a workout buddy is also doing herbalife and she was telling me about it and also explaining that several coworkers are doing herbalife which made me realize that there would be a built in support system if I start doing it. I know there are several techniques out there (i.e. jenny craig, weight watchers, herbalife, etc.) and I was actually considering researching various ones to see if there were any that I would be interested in trying which is why it's so funny that all of these things I was interested in addressing (in regards to manifesting my ideal body) are coming to me literally within days of beginning my season 2 of my 100 days cocreating challenge! It is exciting to see that all of our energies are already bringing results. Lets keep it going :-)

Thats brilliant about the Bikram yoga, funnily enough i've managed to attract a yoga teacher who wants to swap yoga classes for a painting just before we all started this challenge too!  This magical universe is full of suprises. Good luck with your season! 

Love light and laughter



Wow Rachie that is awesome about the yoga teacher you found! I feel like yoga is the one exercise that helps me really tap into my higher power. Good luck to you on your upcoming season too :)

wow Nikki this is fantastic. I love the momentum of the Universe....J

OOHH Nikki!!! LOVING the power you're spilling out to share with us all!!!

AWESOME job on bringing about EXACTLY what you desire and need!!!


Sometimes, accepting we are in this instant IS one of the hardest things to accomplish....ok...heheheheee for me it was, but once there, one tends to feel much better about things, and not stress so much by how the body is not...and loves that body that IS.  Dunno if that makes much I reread it...but, somehow, that's what it feels like. 

I'm thinking your last word is the word "is" but the rest got cut off Nikki.


Day 4 (11/14/11): Today I'm trying to figure out the way to accept my body as it is now while also encouraging the creation of my ideal body. I'm struggling with the ideas of simultaneously accepting my body when also telling myself that I want to change my body. I believe that weight issues occur when we feel the needs to protect ourself with a barrier of sorts. But I no longer feel the need for such a "barrier" but I also am struggling with the contradiction of "I can be happy with my body now" while also thinking "but I would feel even better with a different body". I don't want to limit my ideal body to being at a certain weight or size but I also know that when I did weight less and did wear smaller sizes, that I felt better. I want to avoid getting obsessive to the point where I am trying to make things happen instead of allowing the cocreating process to happen, so I'm curious to hear any ideas on how to reconcile the ideas of appreciating myself as is while still being open to the creation of my ideal body. Thanks :)

Hi Nik,

I am walking that same path. I put on a few while in Hawaii visiting my hubbys family. OMG...the food was outrageous. Stuff I would have never let pass my lips...stuff that would kill a

Anyway, I regret to say...I am feeling the "not so good feeling now" about my indulgence. I too liked the feeling when I was wearing the smaller size. Not to mention all the different sized of clothes cluttering up my closet. Hard to push them back and forth on the rail. All clumped together, and wrinkled when I try to pick something out. Oh and ug...bra not fitting well can be a bear when you are full figured as I am. All that ug that doesn't want to stay confined.

What I wanted to point out is that you answered your own question. You are brillant. I believe I said that before in reference to

I also know that when I did weight less and did wear smaller sizes, that I felt better.

Remember the FEELING. Remember how it FELT.

Every morning I pull out something from my closet (something that is 2 sizes to small). I remember how it FELT wearing it. I remember the compliments I got from others when I wore it. I simply remind myself what it was like. The feeling is the vibrational match.

I have been doing this for a while now and I was amazed when I put something on that I thought wouldn't fit. I think I found the key.

I know you know this stuff Nik...we all even me...need a gently reminder of how it all works for good.

Love J



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