The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Well its 11:11am as I start write this according to my computer. I thought it was fitting to start to put on paper my intentions at the witching

As I launch myself into my 7th season here on Co-creators...I look back on the first day I became a member on this site...never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would be opening a group to start 100 days on this November 11, 2011.

I have been here for longer than 6 seasons, but have only recorded 6 and lurked, reading, researching and finding myself in between time.

I'm comfortable with myself NOW, and have come to realize that I can accomplish anything my heart desires. I am focused on my conscious self. Where there is silence, I find the Universe/God speaking to me with guidance to propel me to my desires and highest purpose. I maintain high energy (most of the time) and when the barometer conscious self finds the path to a higher frequency with out delay, at the same time noting the cause for the imbalance. I have witnessed magical miracles in my first 6 seasons that have molded me into who I AM today...NOW. I have realize that most of my life I live with a power that I used for the greater good without even knowing it.

So I've asked myself what my intentions are for the next 100 days.

I INTEND to increase my activity on the Highway. I am a volunteer on our state highway, working for the Dept. of Transportation to keep a section of the Highway clean and litter free. There are two signs from either directions that mark the 1/2 mile of freeway that I maintain that say I have adopted a highway. I am only required to work 3 times a year, but I can see from the inconsiderate motorist that fling their trash out the window, that I will have to do it more often. Yes, that sign does say that Jilly maintains this highway. I would sure love to catch the person who throw his empty dog can on the side of the highway once a

I INTEND to increase my inventory on my ETSY web site, with the intent to grow my business. Realistically increasing inventory by 1-2 pieces a week. For this I desire an adjustable dress form.




I INTEND to complete my Vision Board that is schedule to begin on December 1st in my Group "Vision Board Party" and post it there on December 31st to usher in the New Year of 2012.


I INTEND to maintain my "Top Rated Seller" status on eBay and increase my sales for the upcoming New Year. For this I desire a new camera.


  100% Love

Size: Infinate

~ Jilly ~

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Good luck, Jilly. I'm excited and can't wait to follow everyone's progress! Thanks for creating this group, by the way. It looks wonderful!

I wish you much success Jilly! - Thank you for the invite.


:o) xxxxx

So glad you are here...I just read your blog...Love It.

Good morning to you Jilly! Great job with the group site, thank you so much for doing this.  Wishing you many blessings!

Goodness the anticipation leading up to this date was fantastic, and I'm just soo excited to be here!

Hey Deb, I was just over at Deb's Nook...very nice. I want to hear more about this reaching out thing.

Thanks so much for your kind words. The anticipation still hasn't left me...I think it is here to stay.

Hugs J

Hey Jilly I posted my experience on reaching out and how it became my first intention.


As I read it was a goose pump moment there when he yelled out "your running late".

Good Luck Jilly! I hope you have a wonderful season 7

Sending you much love light and laughter on this day 11/11/11


Thank you so much Rach...xoxo

HI, Jilly. I'm just making my rounI'ds to all my beautiful co-creators in the 11/11 group and want to wish you the BEST at making your intentions a reality. But I know you will!!! 

Your a doll Christine, Thank you so much...I feel the momentum. xoxo

DAY 1, 11-11-11 BLOG

I have completed my blog page and commit to blogging every day for the next 100 days. I set my off I go. Today I have already organized some of my auctions on eBay and package up my first sale on etsy. Looks like I'm off and running already. I even got the beginnings of my vision board and  flipped through some of my old Martha Steward magazines for inspirations. Boy of Boy, that Martha sure knows the LOA. Today was jam packed and now I'm off to read some of my co-creator 11 friends entries on the group. Lots to catch up on.  I am so proud of all of you for following are all spectacular !  Love J



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