The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hello new friends,

     I want to thank all of your for helping me get motivated to do the challenge. This has been one of my worst years. I am newly divorced, lost my home, and now a single mom raising two children, one who has severe autism. Since having to leave my home I have been sent into the bluuueess! Big time!

       I used to be so motivated, but the last few years have really taken a toll on my self confidence and my body. Last summer I lost over 30 pounds, and was very healthy. SInece then I gained it all back, and feel aweful about it. Not only that, but I started smoking after quiting for almost six years. Again- I feel horriable about it. To be brutally honest here, I think most of it is do to being so lonley.

      I plan to start the challenge tomorrow. I just wanted to know what motivated you, and how did you stay on the path toward a better life and stick to it?


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What motivates me is constantly getting back on the horse when I fall off. Goodness. Sorry it took me so long to see this. I've been MIA. How are things?


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